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Zhao Ge Chinese Drama

The latest Mandarin Drama series “Zhao Ge (朝歌)“, aired on May 21, 2019 on the iQiyi television station and became the most awaited Chinese Drama this year. This story was set towards the end of the Shang Dynasty, about an incompetent king who caused his people to fall.

Ji Fa is a man who tries to make changes when he asks the help of strong people to achieve his vision. Chinese drama Zhao Ge (朝歌) was worked on by director David Liu with writer Yu Zheng, both of whom have worked on the drama series King is Not Easy in 2017.

Filming for Zhao Ge (朝歌) drama was also produced in 2017. For the lead role of drama zhao ge is the famous actor Zhang Zhe Han as the main actor as the Prince of Xiqi Country as well as cast of character Ji Fa. For female players is the beautiful actress Wu Jin Yan, playing a girlfriend from Ji Fa and she is the reincarnation of the stealth fox.


Synopsis of Zhao Ge (朝歌)

During the Shang dynasty, the capital of China was moved to Zhao Ge (朝歌) in the hope that the city would grow prosperous. However, during the reign of King Zhou of Shang (Bao Jian Feng), the livelihoods of people were pushed into a state of despair because of war.

Thank God, the son of King Zhou of Shang, also had a son named Ji Kao / Ji Fa. The son had good relations with King Zhou’s son named Yin Jiao.

Zhao Ge  Chinese Drama
Zhao Ge (朝歌) Synopsis, Trailer, And Cast: Chinese Drama

Ji Kao was finally demoted to slavery but was saved by Yin Jiao. While running away, Ji Kao met Jiang Zhang (You Wei Lin), Nezha (Shi Anson), and Yang Jian (Xu Kai) who helped him.
Years later, Ji Kao changed his name to Ji Fa and led eight hundred feudal princes to suppress Zhou King, which led to the destruction of the Shang dynasty.

Yin Jiao blame Ji Fa, whom he accused of leading his mother to death. This eventually led to Yin Jiao‘s suicide.

Ji Fa finally became King Wu of Zhou, remembering to keep remembering his dream together with Yin Jiao to lift people towards a better future.


Details of Zhao Ge (朝歌)

Title: Zhao Ge
Other Title: 朝歌 / Zhaoge
Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 50 (fifty)
Director: David Liu
Scriptwriter: Yu Zheng
Channel Station: iQiyi
Country: China
Production: Huanyu Film
Displayed on: May 18, 2019


Trailer of Zhao Ge (朝歌)  


Cast of Zhao Ge (朝歌)

Zhang Zhe Han as Ji Fa/ Ji Kao
Bao Jian Feng as Di Xin
Wu Jin Yan as Consort Daji
Chen Shu as Nu Wa
Yalkun Merxat as Wu Geng
Wu Jia Yi as Yi Jiang, Queen of Zhou
You Wei Lin as Jiang Shang
Liu Min as Chao Xi, Queen of Shang
He Vincent as Shen Gong Bao
Angelina Jiang as Ling’er
Puff Kuo as Yan Jiu
Hai Lu as Yun Jin
Zheng Calvin as Ji Chang, King Wen of Zhou
Shi Anson as Na Zha, the Third Son of Li Jing
Wang Mao Lei as Li Jing
Bai Yu as Master Xu
Sun Shao Long as Tu Xing Sun

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