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Zalim İstanbul Season 2

When will the new season of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) begin? Is the new 10th episode trailer released?. In the last episode; Cemre is finally hitting the jackpot!

The beloved series of screeners, Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul), is coming to the audience with the season finale section tonight. Now the viewers are curiously for 2nd season. Looking for answers to the question of when the season will begin. So, is it clear that the new season date of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul)? Here are the details about the series …

The series, followed by the interest of Kanal D screens, will lock viewers per screen with the season finale section ofZalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul). The events in the last chapter are monitored by viewers with great interest. Because of the season finale of the series, viewers are investigating the final date of Zalim İstanbul in last season. So when does Zalim İstanbul series make the final? Here are the details of the series…

In the final 9th episode of Zalim İstanbul; Completely derelded to the healthy thinking Ceren, with a momentary blunder, Cenk’s eyes in front of the knife stab himself to the big secret came to the surface. Ceren’s belly carrying a baby in the development of a storm in the mansion, while the door was out, Cemre also missed the wedding day in order to put an end to the suffering of Nedim. 
Zalim İstanbul 10
Zalim İstanbul Episode 10 Release Date
On Kanal D screens, published on Monday, May 27th, final 9th episode of Zalim İstanbul; Carrying Cenk’s baby in his belly, Ceren, unimaginable Şeniz’s plan to materialize and never consented to marry Nedim, even though he had to change the color of things began. Cenk, who is unable to find his hopes and dreams that he founded with him, Ceren, completely out of control of the blood-freezing exit and the knife in front of her eyes to stab herself as a result of the events came out of the wild. 
Immediately after being transported to the hospital, Ceren, who has kept secrets from everyone all the time while playing the place on the reveal, the big crisis to get rid of the baby’s father Nedim was the lie of her family after the 10th episode trailer of Zalim İstanbul is expected. Cenk, all these events, and explain the hidden facts at the point of not explaining the two-time stay in a creek. In order to say goodbye to Cemre, which was kicked out of the mansion with the unending evils of Şeniz, the developments in the series that the abduction of the wedding day by making a madness for her to live happily and peacefully in the meantime. …

Zalim İstanbul Season 2 Release Date
Zalim İstanbul will be the season finale with the episode released on Monday (May 27th). The new season of the series is expected to begin in mid-September.

What happen in the last episode?

When Seher and Agah gaze at the horror of the view, Şeniz has only Cenk in mind. Cenk has to face the question he fears more than his answer.

Ceren’s pregnancy creates a huge earthquake in the Yilmaz family. Şeniz’s plans to completely remove Cemre from their lives. When Cemre thinks that the baby is not a bridesmaid, he will have another goal from where he never waits.

While it is enough to end Cemre in Agah’s eyes, Cemre comes from Cenk, not the slap mother who really hurts. Ceren’s finally waiting for the society’s wedding is about to take place in the last time he was interrupted by Seher, Cemre Nedim goes to say goodbye.

While Cenk was first thrown into the right move, Cemre will make a crazy decision for Nedim.

Zalim İstanbul Final 9th Episode Trailer
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