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Age of Youth (最 亲爱 的 你)

This time we will share the synopsis of popular Chinese Drama in 2018, namely “Youth (最 亲爱 的 你)“. Judging from the title is no stranger? That’s right, this drama series is a remake of the Korean drama hits 2016 “Age of Youth”. However, some stories are made different and more interesting for you to watch.

The Chinese Drama Youth (最 亲爱 的 你) drama airs on the Youku channel on July 13, 2018 to August 6, 2018, every day at 12:00 noon with a duration of 26 broadcast episodes. For those of you who are curious about the Mandarin version of Youth (最 亲爱 的 你). you can also watch it on Youtube channel.

The filming started on March 25, 2017 and finished in July 2017, the script was rewritten by Zhang Wei and he was assisted by director Ding Zi Guang. The main cast is beautiful artist Wang Yan Zhi who was previously known as one of the Chinese drama players The Fox’s Summer (2017), then there are Yang Zhi Ying, Yu Esther, and Wang Vian.

The male player in the youth drama series is the handsome actor Hu Wen Zhe who also plays the popular Chinese Drama About Is Love. In addition there are also actors Cao Xi Ge and Aro Yang. Alright, just take a read at synopsis of Youth (最 亲爱 的 你).


Synopsis of Youth (最 亲爱 的 你)

Tells about 5 students who share a home together. Not only that, the five of them also shared their experiences with each other until the love affair. They are Han Yi Tong, played by Wang Yan Zhi, Ni Jin played by Yang Zhi Ying, Chen Chen Chen (Yu Esther), Lin Xiao Chun (Haha He), and Zhang Sheng Nan (Wang Vian).
Youth (最 亲爱 的 你)
Youth (最 亲爱 的 你) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

They are friends and also share a house while studying at the same university. The five of them also support each other and go through many challenges together.


Details of Youth (最 亲爱 的 你)

Title: Youth
Other Title: Age Of Youth / Dearest You / Hello, My Twenties!
Local Title: 最 亲爱 的 你 / Zui Qin Ai De Ni
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 26 (twenty six)
Director: Ding Zi Guang
Scriptwriter: Zhang Yun
Channel Station: Youku
Country: China
Aired on: July 13, 2018 – August 6, 2018, every Monday – Sunday, 12.00


Trailer of Youth (最 亲爱 的 你)


Cast of Youth (最 亲爱 的 你)

Wang Yan Zhi as Han Yi Tong
Yang Zhi Ying as Ni Jin
Yu Esther as Chen Chen Chen
Haha He as Lin Xiao Chun
Wang Vian as Zhang Sheng Nan
Hu Wen Zhe as Zhang He Lin
Cao Xi Ge as Yang Yu
Aro who as Ma Ke
Zhao Zhi Wei as Gao Lin
Hu Wen Zhe as Zhang He Lin
Hu Xiao Ling as Gu Qing
Mao Fan as Huang Feng
Li Jiu Lin as Jiang Heng