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Yemin (The Oath)

Are Gökberk Demirci (Emir) and Özge Yağız (Reyhan) loving Each Other?

Do Yemin (The Oath) series actors live in love? The character of Emir, who portrayed the character of Reyhan with loving messages they commented on each other. Or Reyhan (Özge Yağız) and Emir (Gokberk Demirci) in real life will they be a lover?

Yemin (The Oath) series was spoken among the successful projects after the farewell Gokberk Demirci and Özge Yağız Instagramı shook the series of Oath with a magnificent season finale, said the Yemin (The Oath) series players from social media accounts to viewers Thank you for showing me one of these names. “I thank you very much for your interest and attention during the season, thanks to our esteemed viewers who have no comments, no need to support their message Dear Regards. I wish everyone a happy feast of health to the hands of his labor,” he thanked.

ozge yagiz ve gokberk demirci
Yemin (The Oath): Reyhan and Emir Loving Each Other in Real Life?
Loved the message of the beloved player in a short time and rained the rain, commented on the beloved player of the series, Özge yagiz to gokberk Demirci message was like, “I also have a thank-you, Basil says to all things If you want to stay with the rope, the hair is enough, Sir Emir. “

Özge Yağız and  Gokberk Demirci answered as the duo’s mutual messages received a lot of appreciation. Gokberk Demirci also could not be indifferent to this post and wrote the following as the answer is that the only thing that can hold anyone who wants to go can not hold a lock is sometimes a glimpse from the heart. Emir Tarhun you came and stood in my crazy corner, Gökberk  wrote in the mouth of Emir, but as if the last sentence belonged to Gokberk Demirci write as a comment

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