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Yemin (The Oath) Season 2

What will happen in the new 2nd season of Yemin (The Oath)? Here are the detail of the series …..

 The filming of the new 2nd season began on Friday, August 2, 2019. Yemin (The Oath) series, which will continue at an intense pace until the first week of September, is scheduled to withdraw stock for at least 20 episodes after filming the new season. The most delightful news in the series of Yemin (The Oath) was the signing of the contract for the new season with the lead actors Özge Yağız and Gökberk Demirci.

The new 2nd season will begin on September 9, 2019.
The swearing-in series ended its first season with a long season finale episode. Now Yemin (The Oath) viewers are starting to wonder what will happen in the new season after about 3 months. We wrote our predictions about what will happen in the episode. You can also contribute with your comments; But I can tell you that Yemin (The Oath) is just beginning. A very different 2nd season awaits us.

Yemin (The Oath) New Season 2
Yemin (The Oath) New 2nd Season Plot Story [SPOILER]

What will happen in the new season?
In the season final of Yemin (The Oath) series, Hekmat Cavidan and Amir learned of the persecution of Reyhan and said that he had condemned Reyhan to this marriage. He freed Reyhan from his oath. He decided to divorce Cavidan, too. Leyla fell off the roof while she was about to turn talaz in, and closed her eyes on Kemal’s lap. My guess is it’s going to be a few months past the new season. During this period, Reyhan filed for divorce from Emir and continued his life in his village. But they’re not divorced yet.

Yemin (The Oath) Episode 71
Summary: The order is in a lot of pain. The order will finally prove her innocence in court on the last day. Reyhan will forgive Emir when she finally finds out. Cavidan divorced in the process, but Hikmet became ill after the divorce and Cavidan remains at home to avoid leaving her ex-husband alone. Kemal took Leyla to the hospital. Talaz fled after the robbery. But he’s very upset about Leyla. Leyla was in a coma for three months. Kemal and Masal have not forgotten him and have always been there for him.

Another possibility that Leyla could be paralyzed after she’s out of surgery. If that happens, Kemal will take care of her. Talaz was overwhelmed with remorse every time he saw Leyla in that state. However, Talaz has not changed. He still sees Kemal as the enemy. Cemre tried to approach the Emir in Reyhan’s absence, but Emir is refused. The idea of Amir’s mind is in Reyhan.

Yemin (The Oath) New 2nd Season Trailer
Although Channel 7 viewers will be screened on Monday, June 3rd, the 71st episode of The Oath. although he expects it to be on the air with the episode, unfortunately in Yemin (The Oath) episode 70. With the season finale on Friday, May 31 will not be on the air. The new season of Yemin (The Oath) series will be broadcast in September 2019.

What will happen in the new season?
Cemre will help Amir prove her innocence. She’s going to pretend to find that woman and put her in front of the Emir. She’ll tell Emir in court that she set a trap. Amir and Reyhan will be reunited. But the troubles will never end. Cavidan will continue to take away the pain of divorce from Hekmat. But his relationship with Cemre will never be the same.

I swear, what will happen in the new season?
It’s the second episode of Yemin (The Oath) series. The script for the season has not yet been written, but now that Reyhan and Emir are really husband and wife and Reyhan is pregnant, at least now it’s one of the major audience requests expressed in the second season.

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