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Yemin (The Oath) Season 2

What will happen in the new 2nd season of Yemin (The Oath) that released on Sep 16, 2019?
In this position, Yemin (The Oath) Season 2, will begin on September 16, 2019. We will provide you with information about the season.

The season finale of Yemin (The Oath) series, which continues every weekday on Kanal 7 screens, is 70th episode on Friday, May 31, 2019. came to the screen with the section. Immediately after the season finale of the series in the series of Yemin (The Oath) Episode 71. What will happen in the episode of the new season will be developments in the series of Yemin (The Oath) 2nd season information will be presented to you on our tips page. 

Looking at the final chapters, Reyhan and Emir in the series of vows now to spend time together with the headlines and watched the images are quite happy. The beautiful scenes of Reyhan and Emir, of course, are viewers and quite pleased. Now all the games that Cavidan and Cemre have done are wasted, the commandant learns that his mother has turned, and this situation is quite pleased with the viewers. Because to date, the always sad to be crushed by Reyhan, Ömer now seeing the facts of a comfortable breath and the first time to trust as a port began to see. The new season of Yemin (The Oath) series will begin with new episodes where the love of Emir and Reyhan is revealed.

Yemin (The Oath) season 2
Yemin (The Oath) Season 2/ Episode 71 Release Date

Especially in the season finale, when Hikmet Bey explained all the facts, Reyhan relieved, Hikmet Bey also explained why Reyhanın this mansion, why he married one by one. In Cavidan, Hikmet had to prepare and sign a petition to divorce the brain, the environment became very tense. In the new season, the Emir and Reyhan can be together without Yemin (The Oath) to see if they really love each other first. Meanwhile, the season finale has a great song to play at the end of the series made for the special.

What happened in the last episode?Of course, the season finals are the last episodes that mark the audience in the series. The audience was 70 released on Friday 31 May, with the sadness of being able to watch the series for about 3 months. Let’s try to figure out how a scene was taken in the episode 71 the oath of the series. They will be in the new season. We watched many great scenes in the season finale of Yemin (The Oath) series, and there were things no one could have guessed. But there is one fact that all those who are curious about the audience are to increase the interest in the new season of Yemin (The Oath) sequence.

In the last weeks of Yemin (The Oath) series has seen and learned all the Games his mother Cavidan has done. Until today, he is very sad for his mother, who has survived Reyhan, and tries to do his best to redeem himself against Reyhan. The order has learned how his mother persecuted him, how he oppress Reyhan, and began to ask his mother for account. The upright stance of Emir and the presence of Reyhan against his mother, which means that the right to be honest with the truth, Reyhan also liked it very much. Emir now knows where to stop and stops by Reyhan against her mother.

In fact, after learning what the Emir’s mother wanted to do Cavidan, he decided to take Reyhan and leave the mansion. Emir makes a big surprise to Reyhan for his new home with Reyhanis and now tells them to live in the new house. But will there be any progress that will deter him from this decision? Do you think Cemre will give up? Cemre is not going to go to the Emir and Reyhan, the viewers are very curious about how to move. In recent chapters, Cavidan seemed to be very happy with the issue of inheritance, but Hikmet Bey suspected of Cavidan began to push him thoroughly and cornered the corner. Now Cavidan has come to the end of the road and has faced the loss of everything he has achieved. Cavidan will now have to give up all his dreams, but there is only one name that does not give up the dream, and Cemre.

Yemin (The Oath) from the new season trailer: Cemre has tried to do its best to prevent the happiness of Emir with Reyhan from the beginning. However, every time the situation is embarrassed against Reyhan and emir, but still does not give up, Cemre in the new season to follow the Reyhan and Amir decided to make new plans to upset them. Cemre’s oath in the season finale of the series of the game is not to be forgotten. Therefore, one of the biggest evils awaiting Emir and Reyhanı in the new season will continue to be Cemre.

The protagonists of another important relationship in the series of Yemin (The Oath), Leyla and Kemal, now begin to live a beautiful love. In the new season, we will already announce that the love of Kemal and Leyla will end with the wedding. Leyla is a very devoted person, not to sacrifice herself for Kemal’s happiness. Kemal, who realizes this, will do his best to make Leyla happy. Leyla, along with his father Talaz, will put both himself and his father in a very difficult situation after the last heist they planned, and how to keep the distance between Leyla and who is aware of this situation?

Yemin (The Oath) Season 2 Trailer

Yemin (The Oath) season 2 developments of Emir and Reyhan. The new episode will resume on September 16, 2019, at Kanal 7. For almost 2 months, the cast of the oath series that will make summer holiday, the cast in the summer months, together with the newly-included players in August to try to prepare for the month of September. Along with the episode summary and the trailer when the details come out. will take place on our page before the season.

What will happen in the season 2?I have already shared many tips about the series of oath in the series category, and I have written new developments in the future. Those who are curious can look at our new season tips page of the oath series. After what happened in the last chapters, Emir and Reyhan new homes in the new season, trying to lead a happier life in the series of new players to break this relationship between Emir and Reyhan will try to enter between the husband and wife.

Oath Sequence 2. Season orders and Reyhan what to do in the company is aware of what is happening, Reyhan and Emir continues to do all kinds of games to separate, while the new season of the Lady Cavidan will have no unexpected initiatives and the most important task in the new season will continue to search for ways to send Reyhan to the village.

Will Reyhan be pregnant during the new season?After the season finale of the Oath series, the number of viewers waiting for the baby from Reyhan in the new season began to increase. Because for a long time the ice between the Emir melted, the Emir’s mother Cavidan and his friend Cemre, when one learns that they are almost frozen from them, and his wife Reyhanı started to live in a new home. When Emir and Reyhan are so happy, it is also normal for a baby to come out. The greatest expectation from the series of Oath in the new season is when the baby of Emir and Reyhan will be born when it is not a clue for now, but we will continue to write to you quite a few developments in this regard.

When the new season release date?On kanal 7 screens, after the season finale on Friday, May 31, 2019 with the Section oath 71. Section was started to be wondered when to publish. The new season will come to the screen of the oath series 71. section is probably the 2nd of September. Week will begin. Usually the daily sequences are accompanied by the opening of schools namely the 2nd of September. Week. If there is no major change, the oath series will begin in September 2019 to the new season and 71 the oath series. Section will start on Monday, September 9, 2019, or Monday, September 16th.

Yemin (The Oath) Season 2. The season of Kemal and LeylaSizler comments and feedback about the new season date and your predictions about the history of the oath and the comments that we have written about the Emir and Reyhan, you can write down your ideas to our other commentators You can specify.

71st episode of Yemin (The Oath) will likely start on Monday, September 16th 2019, and we’ll continue to write new tips on expectations from the new season. 

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