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Yaralı Kuşlar In English

Yaralı Kuşlar (Wounded Birds) series start broadcasting on Monday, April 1, 2019, at 16:00. Produced by Stellar Yapim, and finally as a director in the series Bahtiyer Ölmez Cem Tabak, the scenario consultant Mehmet Uyar will undertake the series of Yaralı Kuşlar (Wounded Birds) on Kanal D screens.

Kanal D’s Daily series will be the female leading player of Yaralı Kuşlar (Wounded Birds) is Gizem Arıkan While the male lead actor is Ali Yasin Özegemen. Produced in Kanal 7, the series of Yaralı Kuşlar (Wounded Birds), which we know from the record-breaking Elif series, is expected to take place in the scarecroes, and Turkey is going to be a production in several countries at the same time. The shooting of Yaralı Kuşlar (Wounded Birds) series began on Friday (February 15th).


Synopsis of Yaralı Kuşlar

In the Yaralı Kuşlar (Wounded Birds) series, A kidnapped years ago, the little Omar and his sister, who was forced to live in a different life in Kanal D screens will be against the audience every weekday. 
Wounded Birds Synopsis
Yaralı Kuşlar (Wounded Birds) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama
Meryem (Gizem Arikan) also escapes from her father’s tyranny and comes to Istanbul as she loves Omer (Emre Mete Sönmez), as her brother. They begin a difficult life in one of the old neighborhoods of Istanbul; But their father calls them and finds them by coming after them to Istanbul.


Cast of Yaralı Kuşlar

Gizem Arıkan as Meryem
Lastly, she appeared in the film Organic Ask. The beautiful actress Gizem Arıkan has gained an acting experience in theatre scenes. Neslihan Uzer and Leaf Shot is a player of management. Gizem Arıkan is a children’s theatre player and is 25 years old. He loves reading Books and spending time with kids. Gizem Arıkan is a very lively and entertaining person who will never grow old.

is a beautiful girl who was subjected to abuse of her stepfather after her mother died. Both working and working to read the Virgin Mary, leaves school because she needs care and works if she finds a job. A lot of money, the Virgin Mary in prison, the new father Durmuş ‘s brother, he can not withstand the persecation and leave the house escapes to Istanbul. When Meryem went to Istanbul, a door would open before she heard only her name but never passed. Mary will now burn for both her brother and love.

Emre Mete Sönmez as Ömer/Efe
Mete Sonmez
is a new boy who will gain an acting experience with the series of Wounded Birds. Emre Mete Sönmez was born in Istanbul.

Omar was kidnapped as a child and separated from his family. Ömer is Meryem’s hand grew in absence and impossibility. When Stopped in prison, Omar and Mary are very happy; When he gets out of prison, Omar’s father thinks he’s the most feared person. Omer is sick and cannot even find the drug money of Mary Omar. One Day, he stopped selling Omer to a wealthy family, and Mary would accept it for Omar to live, and she would not want to leave her beloved Mary like her sister Omar.

Ali Yasin Özegemen as Levent

Ali Yasin Özegemen is a 28-year-old and a handsome actor born in 1989. Actor Ali Yasin Özegemen has been recognized by participating in the Big Brother Turkey competition. It is Originally an immigrant from Thessaloniki. He was born and raised in Konya. Ali Yasin Özegemen Living in Istanbul is a graduate of hospitality management and Hotel management. He trusts his mind and his good looks. Ali Yasin Özegemen Yedikule Life Yokuşu in the series of life with his Valiant character gave the first acting experience. Later, the Doksanlar series showed a success in the lineup.  He worked as a model in Izmir Renaissance Agency.

Levent is a wealthy young man who has successfully raised the remaining company from his father. On the Same day, his beloved wife, Rana, was lost and destroyed by his son Efe, who died. Levent searched his son everywhere, but he couldn’t find it. Although Everyone believed that Efe was dead, Levent never believed he was dead. Unable to withstand so much pain, Levent has even changed the city where he lived, to get rid of his pain. Levent, who came back to Istanbul for a job, fell in love at the first sight of the Madonna he saw in the street, and even if he does not realize his son.

Özgür Özberk as Tekin
Özgür Özberk
was most loved with the Fabri character, which he gave life in the Early Bird series. Özgür Özberk 1974 was born in Şstanbul and is now 45 years old. Özgür Özberk, a screenwriter And director, is also a successful player. Unlike Anyone who participated in 2015, he was known For the competition. N’apcaz is now the director and producer of the film. In 2013, the Daily series “Love Price” took place.

Tekin is a wicked man who dresses very properly and makes money by begging and stealing small children. As soon as she sees Mary, she does her best to get the Tekin Mary, who falls in love with her obsessively.

Elif Erol as Hulya
Elif Erol
is known for her Image character, which she gave life in the film Ketenpere. Elif Erol, a beautiful actress born in Izmir, is originally Greek. The beautiful actress who graduated from Ege University Conservatory and Theatre Department also served in Izmir State Opera Ballet and gained an acting experience. Elif Erol, a Professional Ballet and Modern Dance, conducts dubbing and voice work in the recent period.

Hulya, who came from a Poor family, was a girl with high eyes, married to Bahadır and gained a rich life. With the money and power after marrying Bahadır, Hülya is actually a dirty woman in history. The Money was polluted for the ambition of the hand, Hulya had a comfortable life, but did not clean the dirt of the past.

Ayşen Inci as Ulviye
Ayşen Inci
, who was born in Ankara in 1955, is 64 years old. Shirli is one of the most famous and beloved Ayşen Inci Ankara State Conservatory graduates with the series. Ayşen Inci, who has been a part of STV’s Nizama Dedicated Souls series for a long time, has also starred in the series of Vurgun and Şahsiyet in 2018.

She is the mother of Levent, and she has always been with her son in this bad times. Uleler, a woman who has had a vision, is always the one who hides it, which helps the orphan children; Because he lost his grandson; However, he lost his son. For the sake of Their children, he is looking for something that will connect Uleler Levent to Istanbul again.

Utku Çoracı as Bahadir

Utku Çoracı was born on August 1, 1987, and is in the age of 32. Utku Çoracı, a graduate of the Acting Department of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, is known for his Text character, which he gave life in the series of Galip Dervish.

Bahadır is a man who love Hulya. He is like a soldier in the command of Bahadır Hulya, where Love blinded. He never sees the bad habits of Hülya, Bahadır Hulya’s games always bleed, but the time will come and Hulya’s games can be revealed one by one. Will Bahadır be able to forgive his wife in spite of everything?

Cemre Melis Çınar as Melis
Cemre Melis Çınar
was born in Ankara on 1991 and is now 28 years old. He graduated from Marmara University Television department. He is known for giving life to the character Arzu in the series Elif, which is published on Channel 7 screens. Finally, he appeared in the series of Runaway Brides. 45 losing weight with an amazing change, Cemre Melis Çınar is a good dancer.

Melis is Hulya’s sister. She was a Poor father’s daughter, but she grew up in wealth when she married her older sister Hülya Bahadır. Bahadır’s brother is madly in love with Levent.

Emre Çaltılı as Cemil
Emre Çaltılı
born on 1988 in Konya. He was Turker Inanoglu Education Foundation, who receives acting education Emre Çaltılı Remember Beloved in the series is known by the character Veli. Emre Çaltılı, an acting graduate of Yeditepe University, is a player of the Istanbul State Theatre. Finally, he appeared in the series of Aliya.

Cemil is Levent’s close friend. He has been a wealthy businessman who has been educated in good schools, although he has not come from a Very wealthy family. With Levent’s go, Cemil falls into the void, but when Levent comes back he will do everything for him and try to make him happy. With Cemil who does not believe in love will play a great game.

Hasan Balılıktas as Durmuş
Hasan Ballıktaş
graduated from Ankara University Theatre Department. Hasan Ballıktaş, a professional Turkish Folk Music artist, was born in Sivas 1962. Recently, he Was known for giving life to the character of Veysel in the series Elif.

Durmus is a bad-hearted man who just got out of Prison. He kidnapped Omar as a child and tortured his wife and children. He’ll do anything to make money by lying down. He wants to sell Omar to a wealthy family now.

Canan Karanlık as Neriman
Canan is known for his Umran character which he gave life in the Dark Woman series. Almond Sugar 2 was also included in the film.

Neriman is Durmuş ‘s brother is also the host of the Beggars of Tekin; Prepares Children’s meals. He treats Kids badly when they don’t bring money. He sees Kids as money.

Sezgin Irmak as Dogan
Sezgin Irmak
was born in Istanbul on May 4, 1986 and is 33 years of age. Finally, he appeared in the film Cage. Graduated from Suleyman Demirel University. He also works as a journalist and a novelist.

Dogan grew up in the Rising streets and is Tekin’s right hand, and he is madly in love with Ayse; But Ayse Dogan does not face.

Tugba Tutuğ as Ayse
The beautiful actress Tuğba Tutug is in the age of 26 and was born in 1993. The beautiful player who was trained in the theatre Department of Haliç University has experienced the first camera front experience with the Love series of My life. The Name of Tuğba Tutuğ, also included in a cinema flash with Two names, was loved and adopted with the character of Özge who gave life in the series Sen Koy.

Ayse is the best friend of Maryam; Since childhood, he and Mary have been suffering with all sorts of pain. She lives with her office and is a good-hearted girl. He’ll fall in love with his New job.       

Emek Buyukcelik as Safiye
Emek Buyukcelik was born in Izmir on 15 January 1980 and is 39 years old. Süleyman Demirel University, a graduate of the Theatre, Emek Buyukcelik was finally known for his role in STV arrays such as the Sun BekleSırlar World.

Safiye is the mother of Ayşe. She’s a Good-hearted, hardworking woman. She has also taught Ayse and has had Ömer and Meryem.

Nuray Erkol as Aysel
Nuray Erkol
was born in 1958 in Istanbul and is now in the age of 61. Nuray Erkol, known for its 2016-made series of Körknot, took part in the series such as the King of the Alemin and the Magnificent Century. In the Injured Birds series, Aysel will give life to his character.

is the servant of the Metehanoğlu family. The Nation has recruited him many years ago and saved him from a huge absence. She’s a Good-hearted woman. His Daughter will be the biggest test of Aslı Aysel.

Ceren Yavuz as Aslı
Ceren Yavuz
is a theatrical actor and 2017 in the theatre game Inspector. In the series of Wounded Birds, Aslı will give life to character.

Asli is an ambitious girl, not being a janitor like her Mother Aysel, but she wants to be as rich as the Metehanoğlu family. Hulya’s eyes in the mansion, the Original.

Ozan Turan as Yasar
Ozan Turan
has appeared in the cinema film Disaster trio. June 30, 1985 Adana is a dopumed Müjdat Gezen Art Center took Acting classes. In 2018, Gülperi was named Necdet Yilmaz in the series.

He is the driver of the Metehanoğlu family. Yasar, a Loyal man, is a full-on duty guy.

Mert Ateş as Cita
Erdem Eren Ayaş as Camur
Said Ege Yildirim as Minik
Ada Çapa as Dilsiz
Özgür Kavak

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