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WORLD ON FIRE back ground of 2nd world war from BBC One, Brian J. Smith, Ewan Mitchell, Helen Hunt, Jonah Hauer, King Julia, Brown lesley, manville World on Fire miniseries war sean bean promotion by Zofia Wichlacz

We’re here today with the launch of BBC One’s new miniseries World on Fire. World on Fire, a period drama in which love and war are presented as two standout elements, began on September 29, 2019. It is still two chapters behind and consists of 7 chapters in total.

Peter Bowker, known as the creator of such series as Desperate Romantics and The A Word, is the creator of the series. He is accompanied by Damien Timmer, Helen Ziegler, Chris Clough, Lucy Richer and Marcus Wilson.

The first two episodes of the series, filmed in various countries and cities, were 56-57 minutes long.


Synopsis of World on Fire

It’s 1939. Germany is making final preparations to invade Poland, and the Second World Championships are being made. On the eve of World War II. The whole world is aware of the impending German threat.
WORLD ON FIRE Synopsis And Cast: BBC One Miniserie
The series, which presents the war through the eyes of our characters from races such as English, American, Polish, French, German and professions such as journalists, waiters, translators, singers, doctors, is more interesting to tell the story by using elements such as love and romance. He’s trying to present it somehow.

Trailer of World on Fire


Cast of World on Fire

Jonah Hauer as King
A young Englishman from a wealthy family who is on the eve of going to his post in Poland to work as a translator under a government agency, who may be remembered for The Little Women.

Julia Brown as Lois Bennet
She is Harry’s lover in England. Lois, like her late mother, performs her singing career with the white of her forehead. She’s an independent, maverick young woman.

Kasia Tomaszeski

She is Harry’s new girlfriend whom she met and bonded with in Warsaw, is brought to life by Polish actress Zofia Wichlacz, who may be remembered from the 1983 series. Kasia is a young girl who cares about her family. She’s a waitress in a restaurant.

Nancy Campbell

An American war correspondent who served in Warsaw as Helen Hunt, an American actress who we know from films such as As Good as It Gets, Twister and What Women Want we get a chance to watch.

Brian J. Smith
Plays Nancy’s Paris-based niece Webster. Webster is a doctor who likes the fun atmosphere of Paris.

Sean Bean
He is Lois’ factory worker father, Douglas Bennett, who is familiar with such shows as The Oath, The Frankenstein Chronicles, Legends and Game of Thrones.

Lesley Manville
She is familiar with shows such as Harlots, Mumand and Fleming, plays Harry’s control-savvy, arrogant mother Robina Chase.

Ewan Mitchell
He be remembered from The Last Kingdom and The Halcyon, as Lois’s brother Tom Bennett, and Eryk Biedunkiewicz as Kasia’s younger brother Jan.


My Review of World on Fire

The show isn’t going bad in the first two episodes. It’s fluid enough, visually enough. And the cast isn’t bad either. Especially in the run-up to the two-part period, julia brown and Zofia Wichlacz were enjoying watching.

It doesn’t bore the audience by focusing only on the war part and having long war conversations, unlike their counterparts. They made the story more colorful with scenes based on rheumatoid and cheerful music. I think I’ll finish the season if it continues this way and in the setting.

That’s all I have to say about my show right now. I wish you a good time to those who intend to watch.

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