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Bizim Hikaye Final 70th Episode

Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) series is Episode 70 this evening. The final chapter will say goodbye to the screens. In the final episode of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story), Filiz and Barış await them in a big surprise when they embrace their babies in peace. So, why is The series is over? Here is Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) 70th Final episode …

Bizim Hikaye is over why we did the final?

One of the most popular and 2-season series on Fox TV, Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) is saying goodbye to the audience by making the final on Thursday, May 23rd. The long-awaited scenes in the final of the screen with the 70th episode have been experienced.

Starring Hazal Kaya, Burak Deniz, Reha Özcan, Nesrin Cavadzade, Yagızcan Konyali, Nejat Uygur, including the names of the series in the final scene entertained all the viewers.

Finished with the final happy ending?

The beloved character of the series became a good man after the return of the dead, the audience of Deniz and Rahmet was pleased to reunite. The other fans were the child of Filiz, and she made the flower wedding. Finally, another child of Fikri appeared.

Why did the final?
As we know, Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) series, which has long been enthusiastically monitored and has good results in ratings, did not reach the desired results in the new season. The story of the other fans now began to progress. So it was decided to make the final ….

Bizim Hikaye last episode
Bizim Hikaye (Our Story) Final 70th Episode

What will be at the final episode?

In the final episode of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story); Fikri is to fall down with Filiz’s words and amazes everyone. But this bad thing is causing a good thing, and Fikri is maybe the first time he’s thinking about being a good dad. She wants her family’s troubles to end without her baby in her lap. Meanwhile, Hikmet comes out of the hospital. His family’s support is also very important for her to continue her normal life again. Cemil and Cicek are getting married. On this happy day, Filiz is suddenly starved, and after the wedding, everyone takes the hospital to the left. It is worth seeing when Filiz is happy to have a fun birthday and when she has her baby in her lap. So what else happen in the final 70th episode of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story)?.

In the final episode of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story); While Filiz is expressing her anger to her father, Fikri suddenly collapses in the ground changes everything. Filiz and the Minibol welcome to Fikri of the fall to the ground with a surprise and sadness. But this phenomenon of Fikri is preparing the ground for good changes. On the other hand, Rahmet’s problems with Deniz, the regrets of Tufan again everyone’s head is confused, and Filiz loses herself trying to help them. And Hikmet comes out of the hospital. And Filiz and Baris are finally holding their babies. 

Fikri is to avoid being handcuffed at home, and it encounters Filiz and Barış while escaping from the household. Filiz, by downloading one of the loads on her shoulders, her father’s irresponsible. Fikri is to hold his heart while listening to Filiz, and he’s falling down. When Baris first intervened, they realized that Cherry and Fiko had something to do with their fathers. This phenomenon of Fikri and his return to life changes things in him. Fikri is maybe the first time he’s thinking about being a good father. Fikri of his return from the dead makes him smarter.

Hikmet is coming out from hospital
He wants to put her sister’s life in the way before her baby gets born. Meanwhile, Hikmet comes out of the hospital. Filiz wants her brother to adapt to normal life again. He’s having a hard time with his love of mercy and his gelgitis. Rahmet’s troubles are not ending until the last one has a full result of the game. The minibol still has problems with the school. Filiz is struggling to catch up with them once more.

Bizim Hikaye Episode 70 Trailer
Filiz becomes a mother
As she tries to fight her problems, her pregnancy is progressing. And it’s happy ending time for the Cicek and Cemil. A small celebration is organised at the Double restaurant, which sits at the wedding table. Filiz gets worse during the wedding and is immediately taken to the birth. Filiz is having a hard time in the hospital preparing for labor. The excitement of Baris does not want to enter the birth of Filiz. On the other hand, while she’s sharing her anger. And when Neslihan enters the birth, it is very close. Filiz is hitting the ground with anger and peace. But all this chaos ends when the birth moment comes true. After birth, Filiz is taken to her room and the baby is given to her lap. Filiz and Baris are finally taking their daughters to their lap. And there’s a new surprise waiting for them.

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