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When Will Yemin new 2nd season start?. Will Reyhan leave Emir ….?

Since the day it began running on Kanal 7, the audience will be facing the final episode of Yemin (The Oath) series, which locks the viewers per screen. So when will the new season episodes begin? Here are the detAIL… When will the new 2nd season (episode 71) of Yemin (The Oath) start?

With the episodes that began to run in February, Yemin (The Oath) succeeded in becoming one of the indispensable sequences of Kanal 7 screens and rating rankings, and the series reserved for the second season. It is not unrequited by producers and channel managers to further increase audiences in every episode of the series, which is faced with great interest, and will be in front of the 2nd season sections. When the news zone and the series of major channels were broadcast, the oath’s audience rates were also very good. Two of the groundbreaking Yemin (The Oath) in daily series.

Will Yemin (The Oath) be new season?
Although the player does not have the most recognizable names in the cast of roles and characters in the series of sworn in the resulting values and rating statistics, followed by the 2nd season. The decision to continue in the season was taken. In fact, it’s already of the new season is also set up by the viewers.
yemin episode 71
Yemin (The Oath) Season 2 (Episode 71) Release Date

When Yemin (The Oath) season final?
Almost every series is on vacation this week, starting with the summer months. Since Monday, the series was released in the prime Time belt and appeared on the screen with the final episodes. Due to the feast, the date of the players ‘ plans has been finalised. Like many series, Yemin (The Oath) be published on 31 May at 70th episode. The series going to say good-bye for a few months.

When will Yemin (The Oath) begin the new 2nd season?
Kanal 7 is the 71st episode of the series where viewers are passionately connected. Starting from 2nd Season, and the future of the screens became curious and began to investigate. Together with the series set and team, the players start in August as well as other productions of September 3, 2019 is expected to return to television during the week. If a clear date is given, it may be called Monday, September 16, 2019.

What happen in the last episode?
Kanal 7 ‘s great interest is the National Series oath season final 70th episode. What will happen in the exciting season finale of Yemin (The Oath)?  The only obstacle of Reyhan, who thinks Emir is cheating himself, is the oath he gave Hikmet. Reyhan stays between going and staying.
Yemin (The Oath) Episode 70 

However, with the involvement of Hikmet, Reyhan comes to the brink of a decision. Will She leave Emir and go to the mansion? On the other hand, Kemal draws attention to Leyla’s strange movements while preparing the journey they will travel with. Is Leyla going to pay for Talaz’s diet by going to jail or with her life? One of the two young people who intend to escape the marriage, the other is the Oath of love story on weekdays every day at 07 PM on Kanal 7 screens…

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