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When I See You Again

When I See You Again (他 看 她 的 第 2 眼) is a Taiwanese romantic drama in 2015, the story of this drama tells a man who was rejected by a woman he loved. After an adult the man becomes successful and has a good job.

He returned again and wanted revenge, but when the man found out the cause of the woman’s decision they fell in love again. This is a film that makes the audience crying. Displayed on the TTV television station every Sunday on May 31, 2015 to October 11, 2015.

The 20 episodes of When I See You Again (他 看 她 的 第 2 眼), also known as another title “He Saw Her A 2nd Time”. The cast is handsome actor Jasper Liu and beautiful actress Mandy Wei.

Rows of other well-known Taiwanese artists such as Ivy Shao, Jet Chao and Zooey Tseng are also players of this drama. Come see the story plot of the When I See You Again (他 看 她 的 第 2 眼)!


Synopsis of When I See You Again

Xia You Qian, played by Jasper Liu is a handsome man, the head of a private company that was successful and liked by many people. He has a competitor named Hu Yan Ze (Jet Chao), but still respects him.
When I See You Again
When I See You Again (他 看 她 的 第 2 眼): Chinese Drama

A wealthy socialite Hu Yong Qing (Ivy Shao) falls in love with Xia You. On the other hand, there is An Xi (Mandy Wei), a woman who once ignored him during school and was responsible for Xiao You who almost died, because of the conditions An Xi gave.

After 10 years passed, Xia You and his grandfather were invited to the village where his hometown was to become a competition judge. An Xi and Xia You meet again and he wants revenge with what he did first.

An Xi is involved with loan sharks and requires that she be forced to marry the man. After a few weeks of living there Xiao You realized the reality of why An Xi had previously ignored him. Will Xia You help him?


Details of When I See You Again

Title: When I See You Again / He Saw Her A 2nd Time
Local title: 他 看 她 的 第 2 眼
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 20
Director: Chen Jia Hong and Zhang Jin Rong
Scriptwriter: Du Xin Yi and Wang Yu Qi
Channel: TTV Station
Country: Taiwan
Showtimes: May 31 2015 – October 11 2015, every Sunday


Trailer of When I See You Again


Cast of When I See You Again

Jasper Liu plays Xia You Qian
Mandy Wei acts as An Xi
Ivy Shao plays Hu Yong Qing
Jet Chao plays Hu Yan Ze
Zooey Tseng plays Zhang Ya En
Deyn Li acts as Zhong Da Yu
Sara Xiu acts as JIn Mei Wen
Tina Chou plays Wu Zhi Lin
Lawrence Liu plays Zhang Ya Lu
Vent Teng acts as Xia Bai Kang
Debbie Chou acts as Zhou Zhi Yue
Hope Lin plays Jennifer

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