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We Are All Alone (2019)

We Are All Alone (怪你过分美丽) is produced by Beijing Aiqiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hengxing Gravity Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Youth Hello Media Co., Ltd. jointly produced. Dai Ying and Wang Yizhen are the chief producers, Liang Zhenhua is the artistic director, director Wang Zhi, the master plan is no longer, chief screenwriter Su Peng, Qin Yu, Gao Yixiang, Wang Yi, Wang Yaoqing, Hui Yinghong, Guo Xiaoting, Zhang Wei, String Urban career dramas such as Tian Hao, Yuan Chengjie, and Li Li.

Based on the novel of the same name, the drama tells the story of the “iron-blooded agent” in the entertainment industry, who faces the “age of the workplace” in the night, and regains his initial heart and accomplishes his own story in the middle of loss and awakening.


Synopsis of We Are All Alone

At the awarding ceremony of “Golden Ding Award”, the two ace artists of Qi Li’s gold medalist Mo Xiangyin (Qin Yi) were all included in the core awards. However, behind the scenes of the crisis, Mo Xiang Yin is not late due to mistakes in decision-making, encountering the departure of artists. Mo Xiang from the old play bones feel the lack of ingenuity and love of the traffic star, change career ideas. 
We Are All Alone Synopsis
We Are All Alone (怪你过分美丽) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
Determined to start changing the atmosphere, not paying the time, not forgetting the original heart, creating good works. Mo revived the evening and founded Qingyuan culture. Mo Bei (Gao Yixiang) seeks career development and goes abroad for further study. He leads the Qingyuan culture on the right track and joins a number of companies to create a new business. 
One year later, at an important signing ceremony, he was absent from the accident. At this time, she had landed in New York, crossed the crowd, and smiled to go to Mobei.


Detail of We Are All Alone

Chinese Title: 怪你过分美丽 (Blame you for being too beautiful)
English Title: We are all alone
Production Company: Iqiyi, stellar gravity, youthfulness
Publisher: Stellar gravity
Director: Wang Zhi
Screenplay: Su Peng
Starring: Qin Yu, Gao Yixiang, Wang Ziyi, Wang Yaoqing, Hui Yinghong, etc
Number of Episode: 36
Genre of: City, women, workplace
Producer: Dai Ying, Wang Yizhen
Online Platform: IQIYI


Trailer of We Are All Alone


Cast of We Are All Alone

Qin Lan as Mo Xiangwan
She is 30-year-old, brokerage director of “Qili Culture”, a well-known iron broker in the industry

Wang Ziyi as Xu Ling
He is 22-year-old, a popular young star, a quality artist with perfect appearance and character

David Wang Yaoqing as Yu Jiang
He is 38 years old, founder of “Qili Culture”

Kara Hui as Ruan Lihua
She is 42-year-old, already the shadow of the shadow, the wife of a well-known domestic entrepreneur. Mo had worked as an assistant to her late, knowing that she has a very strong and kind side.

Guo Xiaoting as Lin Xiang
At the age of 24, the film and television circle is a red flower, a “flow” star, a girl who is both simple and self-willed and behaving arrogantly.

Gao Yixiang as Mo Bei
Zhang Yanyan as Zhu He
Xian Zi as Guan Xian
Tian Yuan as Zhang Meng
Yuan Chengjie as Song Qian
Li Qian as Zhu Dichen
Ma Xiaoqian as Jin Jinwen

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