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Go Into Your Memory (2019)

Walk Into Your Memory (走进 你 的 记忆) is the latest Chinese Drama that tells the story of an assistant chef helping his boss to get back memories for one year. Throughout the process, they understand, help and end up loving each other. If the article title is very interesting, that is “to search your memories”

This Chinese drama Walk Into Your Memory (走进 你 的 记忆) airs from 21 August 2019 to 18 September 2019 on the Tencent TV channel. A beautiful actress Cecilia Boey is the cast of this drama. She is Yezi’s cast in the Mandarin drama Where the Lost Ones Go. The acting opposite is actor Eden Zhao who has appeared in the Chinese Drama Take Your Mark series.

Besides them this romantic drama film also stars Tiffany Zhong, Wu Yang and veteran actor Zhang Shuang Li. This series is also known as “Go Into Your Memory“. Come to read hte plot story/ synopsis of Walk Into Your Memory below.


Synopsis Walk Into Your Memory

Ning, played by Cecilia Boey, is a chef who can see the memories of others. When her boss Long Haoqian, played by Eden Zhao, mysteriously lost his memory from one year of his life, she began to help him find bits of memory in him that had been lost.
Walk Into Your Memory Trailer
Walk Into Your Memory Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
The two of them initially fought with each other, but a series of funny events brought them closer and had feelings for each other.


Detail of Go Into Your Memory

Title: Walk Into Your Memory
Other Title: Go Into Your Memory
Local Title: 走进 你 的 记忆 / 走進 你 的 記憶 / Zou Jin Ni De Ji Yi
Genres: Food, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 24
Director: Ren Hai Yao
Scriptwriter: Ren Haiyao
Channel Station: iQiyi
Country: China
Showtimes: August 21 2019 – September 18 2019, Every Wednesday and Thursday at 20.00 CST


Trailer of Go Into Your Memory


Cast of Go Into Your Memory

Cecilia Boey as An Ning
Eden Zhao as Long Zi Teng
Tiffany Zhong as Xia Tian
Wu Yang as Ma Meng Lu
Wei Wei as Zhan Zhao
Zhang Shuang Li as his grandfather An Ning
Eddie Cheung as Zi Teng’s father
Wang Zhuo Cheng as Yi Ming Jun
Kong Lin
Fang Xiaoli