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Wait My Youth Chinese Drama

Wait My Youth (等等 啊 我 的 青春) is the latest Chinese drama, released on March 19, 2019 on the Youku channel, every Monday to Friday at 20:00 local time. This Chinese Drama series has a duration of 24 episodes.

Wait My Youth (等等 啊 我 的 青春) is a story about the naivety of young love, purity, and the beauty of friendship and warmth of a family around a group of friends. This Chinese drama series was produced by director Shen Qinyuan. As for the main players, handsome actor Zhao Yi Qin. He also became a supporting actor in the drama drama Memory Lost 3.

Not only that, handsome actor Li Ge Yang from the drama series My Amazing Boyfriend 2 also appeared in this drama. Li Ge Yang & Stephanie Xu became supporters of this drama. All right, just read the Wait My Youth Synopsis completely.


Synopsis of Wait My Youth

Su Can Can, played by Li Jia Qi likes to learn about literature. In his teenage years, he met his good friends. Xu Mei Li played by Stephanie Xu is alive and cheerful, Lan Tian Ye (Zhao Yi Qin) is handsome and unimpeded, Lin Jia Ze (Li Ge Yang) is gentle and delicate, Tao Ya Ting is beautiful and melancholy.
Wait My Youth chinese drama
Wait My Youth (等等 啊 我 的 青春) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
On their way, they have many little secrets and lots of worries. Whether in middle school or in college, Su Can Can has gathered many unforgettable memories. When he was 28, he looked around and realized that the people with him when he was 18 were still the same people around him now.


Trailer of Wait My Youth


Details of Wait My Youth

Title: Wait My Youth
Other Title: 等等 啊 我 的 青春 /
Deng Deng A Wo De Qing Chun
Genre: Romance, School
Episodes: 28 (twenty four)
Director: Shen Qinyuan
Scriptwriter: Shen Qinyuan
Channel Station: Youku
Country: China
Displayed on: March 19, 2019, every Monday – Friday at 8:00 p.m.


Cast of Wait My Youth

Zhao Yi Qin as Lan Tian Ye
Li Jia Qi as Su Can Can
Li Ge Yang as Lin Jia Ze
Stephanie Xu as Xu Mei Li

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