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UNDONE (2019)

An Amazon Prime american animation series,Undone there are: angelique cabral, Bob Odenkirk, Constance marie, Daveed Diggs, Rosa Salazar. A drama fantastic mystery psychological-thriller promotion of adult-animation

With evolving technologies and a changing world, classical television and cinema are also undergoing a change and are gradually giving their place to internet broadcasting. This online series/movie publishing industry, pioneered by Netflix, is growing day by day, and a new publisher is being announced almost every week. Today’s series is Undone, the new adult-animated series that Amazon Prime introduced to us on September 13, 2019, which we can call one of the first wave publishers in this field after Netflix.

In the kitchen of our series are Raphael Bob-Waksberg, creator of netflix hit BoJack Horseman, and Kate Purdy, whose first season consists of eight episodes, with episode surges of 22-24 minutes, in animation, drama, fantasy, mystery and psychological thrillers. I have to mention before i get to the subject and the characters of Undone; The next part of the article contains small spoilers from the first part.

Synopsis of Undone

UNDONE Synopsis Cast
UNDONE Synopsis, Trailer, And Cast: American Comedy Drama
At the center of our show is a young woman named Alma, who’s about 30, and Alma starts to see her father, who died years ago after a car accident that she came back from the dead. Her father says that Alma can travel through time and space and change things in this way, and she asks for her help to investigate her death and prevent it.


Trailer of Undone


Cast of Undone

Rosa Salazar as Alma Winograd-Diaz
A character who does the same thing every day, lives a routine life and is overwhelmed by it, feels lonely because of his hearing impairment. She works in a kindergarten. After his accident, he discovers that he has a different relationship with time, and thus travels through time to find out the truth behind his father’s death and prevent it.

Angelique Cabral as Becca Winograd-Diaz
She is Alma’s sister, engaged. She thinks her parents have been more interested in Alma since she was a little girl, and now she wants to make a better life than hers and sort of avenge it.

Constance Marie as Camila Diaz
She is Alma’s mother. She’s Latino and religious. Sometimes he falls too his daughter Alma, or so she thinks. He’s well-liked at the local church.

Bob Odenkirk as Jacob Winograd
He is Alma’s father, a physicist. He and a student named Farnaz are conducting a study on time travel. They both die in a car accident after leaving the lab one evening when they were working on their project.

Siddharth Dhananjay as Sam
He is Alma’s boyfriend. Alma is leaving her shortly before her accident, but when the impact of the accident fades from Alma’s memory, Sam acts as if the breakup never happened.

Daveed Digs as Tunde
He is owner of the daycare center where Alma works.

Kevin Bigley as Reed Hollingsworth
He is Becca’s fiancee.