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我要和你在一起 2019

“To Be With You (我要和你在一起)” is an urban emotional drama directed by Lin Jidong, led by Chai Biyun, Sun Shaolong, Wan Si, and Shen Taoran.

To Be With You (我要和你在一起) tells the story of Lin Meiya and Ouyang who came back from studying on the plane, and then started a wonderful marriage story. The series premiered on Jiangsu Satellite TV on May 18, 2019, and was first broadcasted at iQiyi, Tencent Video and Youku.


Synopsis of To Be With You

Lin Meiya and Ouyang came to know each other on the plane because of misunderstanding. The two also started a wonderful marriage. Lin Meiya returned to China and was originally prepared to marry her boyfriend. What she did not want to welcome was the betrayal of her boyfriend. Lin Meiya, who came out of the pain, was determined to re-energize. Because she did not know Ouyang, she was employed by Ouyang’s company. 
To Be With You (我要和你在一起)
To Be With You (我要和你在一起) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
Lin Meiya quickly gained everyone’s knowledge with her kindness, open-mindedness and hard work. Recognized, and working together with Ouyang’s career, the two of them gradually became more than friendship. Lin Meiya accompanied Ouyang to participate in an important fighting tour for the European anode. On the way, the two supported each other and helped each other to face one challenge after another, which also made the two young hearts finally come together.


Detail of To Be With You

Chinese Title: 我要和你在一起: I want to be with you
English Title: To Be With You
Year Production: 2018
Production company: Zhejiang Dongyang Guowen Film Co., Ltd.
Filming locations: Beijing, France
Production: Zhejiang Dongyang Guowen Film Co., Ltd.
First broadcast: May 18, 2019
Director: Lin Jidong
Screenplay: Shen Taoran, Lin Jidong, Wang Wei
Starring: Chai Biyun, Sun Shaolong, Wan Sizhi, Shen Taoran
Number of Episode: 65
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Genre of: City, Emotion
Producer: Yang Wei, Yin Muqiang, Gao Jinyu, Deng Wenting
Online Platform: iQiyi, Tencent video, Youku
First broadcast Platform: Jiangsu Satellite TV


Trailer of To Be With You


Cast of To Be With You

Chai Biyun as Lin Meiya
She is the biological daughter of Ou Changlin, the founder of the Euclidean Group. She is a masculine girl in the outer soft. Returning from overseas, she was developed in China because she was deceived by her boyfriend. She accidentally hit Ouyang on the plane and formed a deep friendship. Like Ouyang.

Chai Biyun as Du Ruo-nan
She is the biological daughter of Ou Changlin, the founder of the Euclidean Group. Her domineering and cold-hearted underground boxers are very derogatory. Her sister Lin Meiya has never seen a twin sister. Like Li Dong.

Sun Shaolong as Ouyang

He is the heir to the cosmetics group, and his family is thick and has no food and clothing. Under the unruly surface, it is wrapped in a soft and simple heart. In the persistence of the boxing cause, he is positive and will never admit defeat. Young and promising second generation, overbearing president, blood boxer. Like beautiful.

Wan Siwei as Li Dong

A rich second generation, he is self-sufficient in his career, mature and steady, and handsome and golden. Silently like Lin Meiya, incarnate as “the guardian of the million”, rich and tempered on call. Many times online to save the female owner, super A play charm burst, the cure is warm men at any time and anywhere.

Shen Taoran as Li Weiwei

She is a pretty and arrogant rich woman, and her character is as hot as a pepper. In the confrontation with the rival Lin Meiya, she did her best to fight for Ouyang’s attention. In the dark, there was no shortage of “Ouya couple”. Because of life and death, and Meiya became a girlfriend.

Zhang Tao as Chen Zhe
Wang Yuanhui as Xu Siyu
Chang Shixin as Ou Rui       
Zhang Qiu Ge as Ou Changlin
Zhou Haodong as Zheng Yimin
He Wei as Lin Zhiguo
Qi Ling as Dragon
Liang Jiawei as Su Zijie
Wang Qing as Lin Zhihong
Yang Yuting as Du Xiaoyue
Zhao Yansong as Xu Hongshan
Yu Yankai as Lushan
Cui Zhigang as Li Lifu