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The World Owe Me A First Love

“The World Owes Me A First Love” is produced by Beijing Aiqiyi Technology Co., Ltd., and is jointly produced by Lichenguang International Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Heli Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., directed by Chen Mingzhang, directed by Chen Shizhen, Xing Zhaolin, Bai Deer lead starring, urban love drama starring Yan Zilu, Chen Lanlan, Liu Ruojun and Huang Jidong.

The World Owes Me A First Love was adapted from An Siyuan’s novel of the same name.


Synopsis of The World Owe Me A First Love

The 24-year-old Xing Yun (Bai Lu) is a sincere, kind and optimistic girl. As an original painter, she has always dreamed of being a product architect. As the number one employee of TIG, she has been striving to support the company. Boss Xia Ke (Xing Zhaolin). It coincides with a company’s love project to carry out the company’s product plan sea election.

The World Owe Me A First Love
The World Owe Me A First Love Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

In order to realize her dream, she has embarked on a blind date with her zero experience. Who knows this move has made the crisis for her president, who has been squandering her. In the process of “repulsing” Chu Nan (Huang Jidong) with a “conspiracy” blind date and the free and He Yu (Di Zilu), Xia Ke finally recognized his true heart. At this time, the profitable investors and the Xia Ke who made the conscience products had great differences. 
In order to maintain their ideals and initial intentions, Xia Ke resolutely broke with the investors, and the company was in crisis. Seeing the truth in a difficult situation, a group of young people full of ideals united and worked hard to help the company tide over the difficulties. And Xing Yun Xia Ke two people on the road to support the road to grow together, established a tacit understanding and trust, and harvested a happy career and love.


Detail of The World Owe Me A First Love

Chinese Title: 世界欠我一个初恋
Production Time: 2018
Production Company: Aiqiyi, Heli Chenguang International Culture Media, Shanghai Heli Film and Television Media
Filming Locations: Suzhou, Shanghai
First Release: 2019
Director: Chen Shizhen
Screenplay: Zhang Ying, Zhu Zikai
Starring: Xing Zhaolin, Bailu, Xunzi Road, Chen Lanlan, Liu Ruoxuan, Huang Jidong
Number of Episode: 24
Length of Each Episode: 50 minutes
Genre of: City, love, idol
Producer: Dai Ying, Zhang Wei, Sun Wei
Online Playback Platform: IQIYI

Trailer of The World Owe Me A First Love


Cast of The World Owe Me A First Love

Xing Zhaolin Xia Ke
The founder of a game company, the black hegemony is pure and calm. Talented, intelligent and kind

Bai Lu as Xing Yun
Bright and enterprising, capable and intelligent

Di Zilu as He Yu
The “Fighting Fire” of Baifa Baizhong
Chen Yulan as Yao Qing
Liu Ruozhen as Shen Qing
Huang Jidong as Chu Nan