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The Wind Blows 2019

The Wind Blows (바람 이 분다) is the latest Korean drama to be aired from May 2019 on the JTBC channel. Every Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 PM as a substitute for the Korean drama Eulachacha Waikiki 2. The serie tells about a married couple and decides to separate because one of them has Alzheimer’s disease.

But fate said something else, when they were reunited again after 6 years. The Korean drama “The Wind Blows (바람 이 분다)” series was produced by PD Director Jung Jung-Hwa who was a popular Korean drama director Flower Boy Next Door (2013) and Bel Ami (2013). Meanwhile for the script scenario entrusted to the writer Hwang Joo-Ha, from the drama series Two Cop (2015).

The famous actor Kam Woo-Sung who previously played in the SBS drama series Should We Kiss First (2018) will be the male lead. As for the acting opponent and playing the female lead are beautiful actress Kim Ha-Neul, one of the hit dramas she has starred in is Gentleman’s Dignity (2012). Okay, just take a read at the synopsis of the wind blows.


Synopsis of The Wind Blows

Do-Hoon, played by Kam Woo-Sung and Soo-Jin played by Kim Ha-Neul, is a married couple and lives happily. But one day, Do-Hoon learns that he has Alzheimer’s disease. With a sense of confusion and the best way according to Do-hoon, he finally decided to separate from his wife So-Jin.
The Wind Blows cast
The Wind Blows (바람 이 분다) Synopsis And Cast: Korean Drama

He did it for the sake of So Jin’s future. After they were both divorced, the two lived separately from each other and finally after 6 years later Do Hoon & Sojin were reunited. Will So-Jin know the true truth?


Details of The Wind Blows

Title: The Wind Blows
Other Title: Barami Boonda / 바람 이 분다
Genres: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 16 (to be confirm)
Director: Jung Jung-Hwa
Scriptwriter: Hwang Joo-Ha
Channel Station: JTBC
Displayed on: May 2019, every Monday and Tuesday at 21.30


Cast of The Wind Blows

Kam Woo-Sung as Do-Hoon
Kim Ha-Neul as Soo-Jin
Kim Sung Chul
Kim Ga Eun
Park Hyo Joo
Yoon Ji Hye

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