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The Village 2019

American Family Series Daren Kagasoff Dominic Chianese Friendship drama Frankie Faison Grace Van Dien Jerod Haynes Lorraine Toussaint Michaela McManus Moran Atias NBC introduction The Village Warren Christie

The Village, which started on March 19, 2019, is published on Tuesday evenings behind This is Us and has left 2 episodes behind. With the First part, 0.84 rating rate and 4,816,000 number of viewers, the second part 0.70 rating rate and 4,046,000 Spectator number of the series is not a very bright start, evaluated in this context, but the first to consist of 10 chapters In a way that will complement the season.

Mike Daniels, the creator of The Village, is a drama series progressing through the theme of Family and friendship. The Producer’s seat is accompanied by names such as Jessica Rhoades, Diane Kredensor, Minkie Spiro.


Synopsis of The Village

The story of a Character-oriented series takes you to the center of a group of people living in an apartment called The Village. The motto of people living in Our Apartment is “If you live Here, you’re family.” A group of people trying to help each other while struggling with the troubles in their own lives.

Now Let’s get these people short.

One of the apartments in the Apartment is a single mother and her 17-year-old teenage daughter lives. Sarah was a mother at an early age and raised her daughter by herself. Now her daughter is at a similar crossroads. Katie, who was pregnant with her boyfriend, was unaware of her mother in the process of deciding what to do with the baby in her belly.

Sarah is a mother who loves her daughter. 

Sarah gives her Family a nursing home. The character of Sarah is the life of Michaela McManus, which can be remembered from the series Aquarius, One Tree Hill and Seal Team. The character of Katie is portrayed by Grace Van Dien, a series from the Greenhouse Academy.

The Village Trailer
The Village Synopsis, Trailer, and Cast: American Serie 2019

One of the apartments in the Apartment is sitting in a young man named Gabe, who studied law school and was the last in the student process. He has a nice girlfriend named Alanna (Amber Skye Noyes) and a troubled grandfather, Enzo, who is in the nursing home where Sarah works, and she’s trying to help her grandfather, who is the only one who has been through a difficult process.

Gabe’S character, the Red Band Society and The Secret Life of the American Teenager series, we know Daren Kagasoff gives life. In the Enzo character, we have the opportunity to watch Dominic Chianese, who can be remembered from The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire series.

Patricia and Ron are the heart and glue of the apartment. Two big hearts, Patricia and Ron, who can put aside Their big troubles and run to help their friends in the apartment and drug them with their positivity. They’ve been married for Many years and they live in The Village. Their Love is still as fresh as the first day. Ron has a little bar that doesn’t work, and Patricia has a recurrent cancer problem.

In the character of Patricia, we are watching the Lorraine Toussaint, known from the series such as the Badlands, Rosewood and Forever, and Frankie Faison, who can be remembered in Ron’s character Banshee and The Wire.

One of the Apartments is currently in trouble with the Immigration Bureau, an Iraqi single mother living in the name of Ava, with her younger son Sami (Ethan Maher). In the Past, he suffered a number of troubles in his country, moved to Ava and the UNITED states and set up a new life with his son.

The character of the Ava is known as the Tyrant, The Resident and Crash, and Moran Atias gives life. In another apartment, a police officer named Ben lives alone. Ava’s son is starting to look at Sami in the process of being taken by the Immigration Bureau, temporarily, Ben.


Trailer of The Village

The Character Jerod Haynes.
Nick’s the newest resident in the Apartment. Nick, a veteran who just got out of the War and suffered a trauma. (First 2 Episode) Attention, Whistle!

The character of Nick, Motive, Eyewitness, Alphas and October Road, such as the series, Warren Christie gives life.

In the First 2 episodes, I’d say I didn’t find The Village bad. It’s Not helping, but it’s the story that flows enough. Grandfather son, mother daughter, elder couple and veteran, the characters with traceability. I’m not too hot for the Irli chick and the police.

If you like this Character-oriented dramas and you have sympathy for a few players from the squad, you can try the series. It is Already the first season that will last 10 episodes of the ball.