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The Untamed 2019

The Untamed (陈情令) is based on the ink-scented copper-smelling novel “Magic Taoist” adapted by Penguin Film and Television, Xinyu Media co-produced, Zheng Weiwen, Chen Jiaxuan co-directed, Xiao War, Wang Yibo, Meng Ziyi, Xuan Yu, Yu Bin, Liu Haiguang, Wang Zhuocheng, Zhu Zanjin, Wang Weixuan and other starring in the ancient costume fairy drama.

The Untamed (陈情令) takes the five families as the background, tells the story of Yun Mengjiang’s son Wei No Envy and Gu Su Lan’s light-ensed blue forgetmachine, and join hands to explore the truth of previous years.

The Untamed (陈情令)
was broadcast on the evening of June, 27 2019; Tencent’s official video microblog announced the ” The Untamed (陈情令)” to be scheduled, the play will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video from June 27, every Thursday and Friday at 20 o’clock each update 2 episodes, so the members always watch 4 more episodes. …


Synopsis of The Untamed

Sixteen years ago, the world five points, GuSu Lan’s, Yun Mengjiang’s, Qinghe’s, Qishan Wen’s, Lanling Jin’s total rule of the world. The Wen family is so big that the other four suffer. Among the youths, Jiang’s son Wei no envy of the character cheerful, and ya Zheng famous gus Su Lan’s disciples blue forget machine acquaintance and introduce as a confidant.

The Untamed Synopsis Cast
The Untamed (陈情令) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

A chance, two people found the secret that Blue has been guarding, two people inherited the legacy, for the heron to eliminate hidden dangers. But did not expect that all behind the scenes is wen’s home master Warm. The whole family was humiliated and joined forces to appeal to Mr. Wainton.

After Wen’s demise, Wei envious but in order to protect Wen’s innocent people do not hesitate to oppose the family, and finally by the adulterer into a great disaster, mistakenly killed the sister Jiang tired, he also did not know where. Sixteen years later, the long-lost Wei no envy appeared in Mojiazhuang, chance encountered the old man blue forget machine.

A bizarre murder case in Mo Jiazhuang seemed elusive. As the truth unfolds step by step, it’s hard to hide the golden glow behind the scenes. Finally, the golden light died, the blue forgetmachine machine took on the mission of supporting the world, and Wei did not forget the initial heart, and finally dashed the world.

Details of The Untamed

Chinese Title: 陈情令 (A Case Order)
English Title: The Untamed
Year Production: 2018
Production Company: Penguin Film and Television, New Media
Filming Location: Zhejiang Hengdian Film City, Guizhou
Premiere time: June 27, 2019
Director: Zheng Weiwen and Chen Jiaxuan
Player: Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Meng Ziyi, Xuan Yu, Yu Bin, Liu Haiguang, Wang Zhuocheng, Zhu Zanjin, Wang Weixuan
Number of Episodes: 50
Genre of: Antiques, Power, Fairy
Producer: Fang Fang, Yang Xia, Crown Prince, Liu Minghui
Online Platform: Tencent Video


Trailer of The Untamed


Cast of The Untamed

Xiao Zhan as Wei Wuzhen
Wei Wuzhen is the son of Yunmeng Jiang’s old man. He is cheerful and has become an ancestor of Yiling due to various events.

Wang Yibo as Lan Wang Ji
lang Wan Ji is the second son of Gusu Lanjia.

Meng Ziyi as Shi Wenqing
She is a warm doctor

Wang Zhuo Cheng as Jiang Cheng
Jiang Cheng is a gentle in the Jiang family.

Wang Zhuocheng as Jiang ChengJiang Cheng came from Yunmeng Jiang, and grew up with Wei Wuzhen.

Yu Bin as Wen Ning
Although Wenning is from Wenshan, she is kind.

Liu Haiguang as Lan Yuchen
Wang Yizhou as Chen Mingyu
Song Jiyang as Xiao Xingdust
Li Powen as Song Yu
Wang Yuxuan as Xue Yang
Zheng Xingxing as Lan Si-Ji
Ji Li as Yu Waisan
Yao Shuhao as Jinjin
Feng Cong as Su Yuan
He Peng as Wen Yu
Chen Zhuo-yin as Ao
Lu Yujie as Wang Lingjiao
Cao Junxiang as Ouyang Zizhen

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