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The Russian Bride 2019

The Russian Bride is an American thriller horror film released from March 19, 2019. The film was directed and written by Michael S. Ojeda … ‘

The Russian Bride cast are Corbin Bernser, Kristina Pimenova, Oksana Orlan, Lisa Goodman, and Michael Robert Brandon.

This The Russian Bride movie was made by Millman Productions studio, Reigning Entertainment and Edge West Productions, circulating through Vertical Entertainment distributors for the United States.


Synopsis of The Russian Bride

Desperate because she wanted to escape from her ex-husband, cruel Anatoli and poor life on Livny, Nina joined an online service that suited Russian women with American men. Nina entered a long distance relationship with a retired plastic surgeon Karl Frederick who was rich and retired. Because of the concerns of hiser mother and sister, and although she had never met in person, Nina decided to marry Frederick in hopes of giving her little daughter, Dasha a better life.

Nina and Dasha were overwhelmed with luxury when they moved to their new husband’s remote home in America. Karl introduced to Hagen and his silent house keeper, Maria.

The Russian Bride Cast
The Russian Bride Synopsis And Cast: American Movie

After settling down, Dasha found a photo of a boy. Karl explained that he had a young son named Tyler with his first wife Lucia, but the boy died of hereditary disease.

Nina and Karl married for reasons of inheritance. At the reception, Nina met with various friends of the Karl medical community and family members, including the prospective nephew surgeon, Keller.

Karl became uncomfortable when uncle Nina Yuri, who lived nearby, said Karl’s clinic was closed after a patient died. Suspicious of Karl, Yuri implies that he will visit his niece regularly before leaving the reception.

Hagen then uses his truck to crash into Yuri’s car so it gets out of the way. Hagen killed Yuri, flushing his body with gasoline and burning him. It turns out Karl has a hidden evil plan on Nina and Dasha. What is the plan?


Trailer of The Russian Bride


Detail of The Russian Bride

Director: Michael S. Ojeda
Author: Michael S. Ojeda
Studio: Millman Productions, Reigning Entertainment, Edge West
Productions: –
Release: March 19, 2019
Duration: 101 minutes
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Distributor: Vertical Entertainment
Cast of The Russian Bride
Corbin Bernser as Karl
Kristina Pimenova as Dhasa
Oksana Orlan as Nina
Lisa Goodman as Maria
Yefim Somin as Yuri
Michael Robert Brandon as Hagen

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