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The Professor and the Madman

The Professor and the Madman broadcast in theaters since March 21, 2019 offering from Eagle Pictures. This movie tells the true story of the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary, a giant company that lasted for several decades but began from the courage of one people, Professor James Murray and his enthusiasm and knowledge of many volunteers, of which the most memorable was the Dr. W.C. Minor, who lived most of her life in a mental hospital, due to schizophrenia.

Lifted from the novel by Simon Winchester, the film was written and directed by PB Shemran and saw the participation of Mel Gibson (who collaborated on the screenplay and Shemran film production 2006, Apocalypto), twice Oscar-winning Sean Penn (Mystic River, 2004 and 2009) and Milk, Natalie Dormer, young faces are greatly appreciated in the current movie for his role in the tv series Game of Trones and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.


Synopsis of The Professor And the Madman

Professor James Murray (Mel Gibson), after many years of sacrifice and a terrific independent study that led him to get to know in depth the various languages and cultures, have the opportunity of a lifetime when he was commissioned to compose a dictionary United Kingdom, English-United Kingdom Oxford

An epic effort, requiring the contributions of everyone: this is how the Professor proposed the idea to ask for help from everyone, not just from the United States and United Kingdom, but also from each colony, where they speak the language of the United Kingdom; Crowdsourcing will we say today: as an encyclopedia of the most modern and easily accessible in modern times, Wikipedia.

In his efforts, Professor Murray will be able to rely on the genius of Mad Doctor William Chester Minor, who had been confined in a mental hospital since the killing of a young man, believe in ghosts of the past are haunting him. This is how the Director tells the story of a true protagonist into a parallel: the story of the friendship between two men, materially divided but United by a desire for knowledge would be concrete and endless; also in the novel, the plot focuses, in part, on the controversial figure of Dr. Minor.


My Review The Professor and the Madman

Not only is the true story of the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary which is difficult to tell, but it has a scope that should be interpreted in a modern key, and this is probably the main intent of the Director; the result is a film that brings all the burden of the protagonists and creators.

Although this is a very current topic (information sharing for the common good), Director anchored on the drama of the original story, made a mistake in choosing to entrust the role of protagonist to the two pillars of the story. Gibson was excessive in his role, with the sense of omnipotence that covers the entire film, while Penn was imprisoned (even literally!) In a role in which he did not enable it to innovate and tie it with the past.

The Professor and the Madman
The Professor and the Madman Synopsis And Cast: American Movie
A female characters work better: a good interpretation from Natalie Dormer, even if her character underwent adventures which are too predictable, while it is perfect in the role of loyal and wise wife of Professor Murray, Jennifer Ehle, that has similarities to the Oscar-winning three times Meryl Streep makes her speechless. Clearly visible is that, although the screenwriter and the Director is the actual protagonist Shemran PB, from that movie was Mel Gibson who can’t wait to teach something to everyone.


Trailer of The Professor and the Madman

Detail of The Professor and the Madman

Director: PB Shemran
Author: PB Shemran
Producer: Bruce Davey, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Chartier
Cinematographer: Kasper Tuxen
Released: March 21, 2019
Studio: Fastnet Films, Icon Entertainment International
Running time: 124 minutes
Genre: Drama, Biography, History


Cast of The Professor and the Madman

Mel Gibson as Prof. James Murray
Natalie Dormer as Eliza Merrett
Sean Penn as Dr. William Chester Minor
Jennifer Ehle as there is Murray
Brendan Patrick as Winston Churchill