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长安十二时辰 2019

The Longest Day In Chang’An (长安十二时辰) is a suspense drama of ancient costumes directed by Cao Dun, starring Lei Jiayin and Yi Qianqian.

The Longest Day In Chang’An (长安十二时辰) was adapted from Ma Boyan’s novel of the same name, telling the story of Chang’an City on the eve of the Shang Dynasty on the eve of the Tang Dynasty. Chang’an death prisoner Zhang Xiaojing was on the verge of death and joined hands with Li Bi. The series was aired on Youku on June 27, 2019.


Synopsis of The Longest Day In Chang’An

Zhang Xiaojing was born in the military, and was later appointed as the “bad person” who was arrested by the investigator. He coordinated and maintained local security work for a long time, but he was detained in prison for breaking the law. Jing’an, who is in charge of the security of Chang’an City, discovered suspicious people who were mixed into the city. Because Zhang Xiaojing was familiar with the personnel and geography of the incident, Jing Anshi sent Zhang Xiaojing to sin and investigate the case.

The Longest Day In Chang'An
The Longest Day In Chang’An Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

After a small investigation by Zhang Xiaojing, the enemy’s conspiracy was discovered to create chaos in the gathering at the Shangyuan Festival night. There are only a few moments left before the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival. Zhang Xiaojing must seize the sacrificial assassin before the Lantern Festival. In the investigation and pursuit, Zhang Xiaojing also found that Jing’an had an internal enemy. In the wits and wits, Zhang Xiaojing finally debunked the mastermind at the last moment, prevented the destruction from happening, and rescued the people in Chang’an City.


Detail of The Longest Day In Chang’An

Chinese Title: 长安十二时辰 (Chang’an twelve o’clock)
Year Production: 2018
Production company: Youku, lithography era, staying white film,
Entertainment hop film industry, Huanren Media, ten media
Filming locations: Xiangshan Film and Television City
First broadcast time: June 27, 2019
Director: Cao Dun
Screenplay: Paw studio
Starring: Lei Jiayin, Yi Qianqian
Number of Episode: 25
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Genre of: Costume, Suspense
Online Platform: Youku


Trailer of The Longest Day In Chang’An


Cast of The Longest Day In Chang’An

Lei Jiayin as Zhang Xiaojing
He is lonely hero, strong and clever, kind and kind, compassionate, loyal, capitalized children of the rivers and lakes, nine years of bad handsome practice is how to survive in the quagmire, killing the bleeding road in the poisonous rat snake. He was guilty of bloody cases, and he was guilty according to law, but he was in danger and took up the responsibility of saving the lives of the people of the city.

Yi Yang Qian as Li Bi
Li Bi is the actual master of Jing’an, saying that he is a sharp prodigy. It seems to be high and arrogant, but in fact there is blood and flesh. Li Biyi is a loyal loyal to the Prince. In order to protect Chang’an, he and Zhang Xiaojing worked together to find out the real murderer.

Yi Wei Zhou as Long Bo

Longbo seems to be an ordinary foreigner, but in fact it hides his mind.

Ai Ru as Wang Xiuxiu
Changan’s first thousand gold, she was born into a noble, is the daughter of the generals, but there is no weak posture of Miss Qianjin, but the heroic and graceful outfit, to hunt down the bear fire help. In the face of her scented shop owner, she was a woman, but she kept the smell behind her, even if she was not captured, she was quite alive.

Jie Man Han Su as Shi Ge Lao
Peng Guanying as Qin Zheng
Lu Fangsheng as Yao Xinneng
Han Tongsheng as He Zhizheng
Zhao Wei as Xu Bin
Yu Yulei as Yuan Zai
Lu Liang as Guo Lishi
Feng Jiayi as Sheng Ren
Yin Zhusheng as Lin Jiulang
Wu Xiaoliang as Cao Caoyan
Ge Zhaoen as Yongwang
Xu Zhengyun as Mao Shun
Yang Yi as Wen Wuji
Ai Ruzhi as Wang Yuxiu