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The Last Man 2018

The movie “The Last Man 2018“, tells the story of Kurt, a war veteran with PTSD and hallucinations, strengthening his house and building a secret underground shelter because he thinks doomsday is near as weather changes. He got a security job to pay him and his boss’s daughter to be accompanied.

This science fiction action film was written by Rodrigo H. Vila, where he was also the director. The movie stars are Hayden Christensen, Harvey Keitel, Liz Solari, Marco Leonardi, Justin Kelly, Rafael Spregelburd, Luciano Suardi, Javier Kussrow, with Hayden Christensen as Kurt, the main character.

Hayden Christensen is quite famous in the world of cinema thanks to her role as Anakin Skywalker on Star Wars, she also played at Jumper 2008, Shattered Glass and also Little Italy 2018.

The Last Man 2018 movie appeared in VoD starting September 6, 2018 in Argentina and January 18, 2019 in the United States through  United International Pictures (UIP) and Lionsgate Home Entertainment.


Synopsis of The Last Man

Kurt Matheson is a war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder who feels that the end of the world will come. After a relationship with the dubious Messiah, he abandoned his normal life to begin the construction of a shelter underground and train himself, in extreme ways, at the expense of everything in his life.
The Last Man 2018
The Last Man Synopsis, Cast And Review: American Movie 2018

When he also believed in the Messiah, something extraordinary happened. A boss pay him to maintain security and also entrust his beautiful daughter to him.


Details of The Last Man

Director: Rodrigo H. Villa
Author: Rodrigo H. Villa
Cast: Hayden Christensen, Harvey Keitel, Liz Solari, & Marco Leonardi
Release: January 18, 2019
Duration: 100 minutes


Trailer of The Last Man


My Review of The Last Man

As a futuristic film noir work, Argentine film director Rodrigo H. Vila is more annoying than deep, and in large part because of Hayden Christensen’s star narration. Of course, this is a genre device, with hardened anti-heroes explaining to viewers what he thinks and feels as he navigates a dangerous world. But Christurten Kurt, a post-traumatic sufferer war veteran, offers large numbers of monotonous expositions.

Reflecting behind his bushy beard, Kurt struggled to survive in a landscape outside the city – a place where, in just 30 days, “environmental disasters and the fall of the global economy make things mess,” he explained.

A street preacher named Noe (Harvey Keitel) has a prediction that the world will soon end in the form of an apocalyptic electric storm. “We are the cancer!” He stated, wearing a robe and standing on a pedestal, surrounded by graffiti and tall buildings rotting under an unpleasant blanket of clouds. Is he just a strange conspiracy theorist, or could he really be interested in something?

Because he didn’t want to take risks, Kurt began building a bunker under his cramped and cramped apartment. But he needed money for equipment and supplies, so he took a job at a security company, where he immediately began mistaken love with his boss’s daughter, Jessica (Liz Solari).

The hot redhead is your standard edition femme fatale: a beautiful and lonely woman who needs help. When Kurt commented on the circular pendant he was wearing, for example, he replied that he liked the circle because the circle was empty and showed how empty his feelings were.


Cast of The Last Man

Hayden Christensen as Kurt Matheson
Liz Solari as Jessica
Harvey Keitel as Noe
Justin Kelly as Johnny
Marco Leonardi as Antonio
Fernán Mirás as Crazy Man
Rafael Spregelburd as Gómez
Iván Steinhardt as Néstor
Corina Romero as Martha
Federico Aletta as Noe Follower

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