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King of The Land War

“The King of Land Battle (King of The Land War)” is jointly produced by Horgos Friends of Friends Film Co., Ltd., the TV Art Center of the Political Department of the Nanjing Military Region, the TV Art Center of the Political Work Department of the Eastern Theater, and Beijing Longshi Culture Group Co., Ltd., directed by Kang Honglei and Zhang Hanbing, Chen Xiao, Wang Lei, Wu Hao and other starring contemporary military TV dramas.

The King of Land Battle (King of The Land War) tells about the post-95 recruits Zhang Neng and Huang Xiaomeng who met the veteran squad leader and the special soldier Yang Junyu after entering the army. The recruits and veterans continued to suffer from tempering, harvesting and growing up in the collision of ideas.

The King of Land Battle (King of The Land War) was first broadcast on Oriental TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV on August 26, 2019, and was broadcast simultaneously on Tencent Video and Youku Video.


Synopsis of The King of Land Battle

Zhang Neng Liang (Chen Xiaoshi), a rich family member, lost his college exam and was mobilized by his grandfather to join the army. He chose the most difficult army tanker in the army. Zhang Neng Liang is active in thinking, good at reverse thinking, and often does not play cards according to common sense. I thought that the troops could make a comeback because of his cleverness and physical fitness, but he did not want to meet the enemy.

The King of Land Battle Synopsis
The King of Land Battle Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama (2019)

Zhang Neng Liang and Yu Dalei began a two-year confrontation. The squad leader’s hard work (Wang Lei) is a rural soldier. His biggest dream is to get a military academy. But because of Zhang Neng Liang, he missed the military school twice. Finally, in the contest with Zhang Neng Liang, the two from the opposite side of the family, to a close comrade in a chariot. “Wrapboy” Huang Xiaomeng chose her favorite tank soldier. Under her soft and hard foam and unremitting efforts, she finally opened the armored car and became the first truly women’s armor.

Zhang Neng Liang, the cattle effort, and the “Tank Three Musketeers” composed of Dalei have been invincible and have repeatedly achieved excellent results. Finally, they entered the vision of Zhou Deyou, the deputy commander of the army, and were sent to the tank factory to successfully complete the test of the new tank.


 Detail of The King of Land Battle

Chinese Title: 陆战之王
English Title: The King Of Land Battle
Year Production: 2019
Production Company: Horgos Friends of Friends Co., Ltd.
Filming Locations: Nanjing, Suzhou
First Broadcast: August 26, 2019
Director: Kang Honglei, Zhang Hanbing
Starring: Chen Xiao, Wang Lei, Wu Wei, Ma Yijia, Zhang Yaqin, Cao Weiyu, Cui Bo, Cui Yuxin, Wu Xianfeng, Feng Qilong, Tang Yunjing, Li Yike
Number of Episode: 52
Genre of: Contemporary, Military
Online Platform: Youku video, Tencent video
First Platform: Oriental TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV

Trailer of The King of Land Battle


Cast of The King of Land Battle

Chen Xiao as Zhang Neng Liang
After the 95th recruits, the college failed to join the army and decided to become a new generation of “Bing Wang.” He went abroad and became a soldier, he chose to enter the military camp. Although there are sports talents and military talents, Zhang Neng Liang is a “thorn”.

Wang Lei as Niu Nuli
The arms of the arms, the squad leader of Zhang Neng Liang, the rural people, the dream of a small one is to take the military school.

Wu Yue as Yang Junyu
Cui Bo as Ye Xiao Meng
Zhang Ya Qin
Cao Wei Yu

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