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The Great Craftsman

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Details of The Great CraftsmanOriginal Title: 巨匠 / Ju Jiang
English Title: The Great Craftsman
Genre: Time, Romance
Episodes: 63
Tv Station: Hunan TV
Released: May 2019
Schedule: –
Production Company: Mandala Media
Producer: Gao Shen (高 琛)
Directors: Jin Sha (金沙), Han Dong (韩 冬)
Writer: Yang Han Jun (阳 函 君)
Curiosities: The filming of the drama took place between May and October 2018.


Synopsis of The Great Craftsman

Set in the 1920s, it revolves around aspiring architects and their contributions to the country.
The Great Craftsman (巨匠)
The Great Craftsman (巨匠) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama


Trailer of The Great Craftsman


Cast of The Great Craftsman

Wallace Huo as Shen Qi Nan
Yang Mi as Fu Han Jun
Feng Lei as Du Wan Ying
Jiang Hong Bo as Zhang Mei
Zhang Jun Ning as Du Shao Gan
Ge Shi Min as Shen Qi Xi
Qu Gao Wei as Shen Qi Dong
Zhang Shen as Fu Jian Cheng
Wang Xiao as Cao Jun
Xu Rong Zhen as Gu Yue Qin
Zhang Fan as Tian Qiu Shi
Zhang Yi as Wu Li Wei
Zhang Song as Fu Cheng Long
Kenneth Tsang as Zhang Bing Kun