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The Glory of youth (2019)

The Glory of youth (号手就位) is produced by the Propaganda Bureau of the Political Work Department of the Rocket Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the Jindun Film and Television Center of the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission. 

Starring by Li Yifeng, Li Xuezheng, Zhang Hanbing, Chen Xingxu, Duan Bowen, Dong Chunhui, Xiao Yang, Yu Zhen, Yu Bo, Wang Daqi, Fan Lei, Wu Gang and also starred in China’s first rocket military TV series.

Based on the young writer Feng Jie’s novel “Graduating to Be a Soldier,” the drama The Glory of youth (号手就位) tells a group of college rocket soldiers recruiting into a military camp. Under the leadership and inspiration of a group of stunt veterans, they experienced the double tempering of body and spirit and eventually grew up. It became the story of the “Ace trumpeter” of the Chinese Rocket Army.

Synopsis of The Glory of youth

The romantic romance of Xia Wei, the second generation of fire Ouyang Jun, the old man of the old district Lin Anbang, the great king Yi Zi dream is …
The Glory of youth (号手就位)
The Glory of youth (号手就位) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
Four roommates from the same university and in the same dormitory, with their different purposes, became a college soldier of the Rocket Army. When they first saw the troops deep in the depths of the Greater Xing’an Mountains, they were repented. In the days to come, Xia Wei and others gradually realized that in the Rockets, only soldiers of more than ten years were qualified to be soldiers. A soldier of more than 20 years is qualified to be a veteran. For more than twenty-five years, they are collectively referred to as “hidden”. 
Faced with the “old veterans” who have all kinds of stunts and different years, the germination of the new force and the veteran of the more fragrant, the inevitable confrontation. Under the great gap between dreams and reality and the help of the veterans, they gradually read the word “military” with youth and took up the majesty of “the big country card”.


Detail of The Glory of youth

Chinese Title: 号手就位 (Trumpet in Place)
English title: The Glory of youth
Other Translated: Graduation, let’s go to the army!
Production Company: Golden Shield Film and Television Center, Baimo Film, Huarui Film, etc.
Filming Locations: Qingdao, Shandong, China
Director: Li Lu, Zhang Hanbing
Screenplay: Ying Liangpeng, Zu Ruomeng
Starring: Li Yifeng, Chen Xingxu, Duan Bowen, Dong Chunhui, Xiao Yang,
Number of Episode: 40
Genre of: Rocket army theme
Producer: Duan Yan, Zhang Bohui, Yin Xiangjin


Trailer of The Glory of youth


Cast of The Glory of youth

Li Yifeng as Xia Wei
Chen Xingxu as Ouyang Jun
Duan Bowen as Lin Anbang
Dong Chunhui as Yi Zimeng
Xiao Yang
Wu Gang
Yu Zhenshi
Yu Bo
Wang Daqi
Fan Lei
Cao Weiyu
Li Xuezheng