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The Direction of Happiness (2015)

The Direction of Happiness (幸福的方向)” is an urban emotional inspirational TV series starring Long Shaoji and Zhanbo, He Yuming, Zhang Jiayi, Yinger, Zheng Kai, Zheng Yihan, Mu Tingting, Liang Tian, ​​Guo Da, Wang Haiyan, Yuan Qiongdan and so on.

The Direction of Happiness (幸福的方向) was broadcast on the Tianjin Arts Channel on December 8, 2015.


Synopsis of The Direction of Happiness

In the 1980s, Haizhou peasant Liu Guiping and his younger brother Liu Quangui and Cunhua Hao One, three people came to the provincial capital of Haizhou from the impoverished countryside. His brother Liu Guiping was kind and eager to learn, but he gave the only chance to study at home. He followed Hao Hao to step into the city’s door. And one took her wedding hiring money to invest, fell into the commercial scam, Guiping to save a flower but met Zitong, Zitong thanked Guiping before saving her, she introduced Guiping to the father unit work, Guiping’s pragmatic work style has won Su Wenyong’s goodwill. 
The Direction of Happiness
The Direction of Happiness (幸福的方向) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

The younger brother, Gui Gui, hurt Guiping once and for all, but Guiping did not care what his brother had done for himself. He tried his best to bring his brother back to the right path. The sudden brain tumor made the power finally began to examine his own life, but at this time he accidentally learned the mystery of his life experience, and the huge stimulation made his brain tumor burst and became stupid. And Guiping returned to the countryside with his son Tongzi for their own dreams, and through their joint efforts, they gained career and love.


Detail of The Direction of Happiness

Chinese Title: 幸福的方向 (The Direction of Happiness)
Production Company: Dongyang Ronghuan Film Co., Ltd.
Number of Episode: 47
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Genre of: Urban, emotional, inspirational
Director: Long Shaoji, Zhan Bo
First Broadcast: December 8, 2015
Production Company: Dongyang Ronghuan Film Co., Ltd.
Starring: Ho Sheng Ming, Yinger, Mu Tingting, Zhang Jiayi
Producer: Lin Lin
Online Platform: PP video


Trailer of The Direction of Happiness


Cast of The Direction of Happiness

He Yuming as Liu Xinghe
The character is reluctant to accept the loss, but he does not know how to be human. He never cares about the return, in order to follow himself.

A new generation of rural people who have loved to enter the city, the character who is brave enough to go forward has given a strong shot to the people who have surrendered to reality, and has shown the personality of the generation after 80s and 90s.

Yinger as Su Zitong
A well-born journalist, despite being a mayor, is a purely kind and just-informed journalist, and shows how she can show her own aura and the image that is not convinced by material.

Zheng Kai as Liu Xingchen
Handsome “Golden Phoenix”, after graduating into the society, the pursuit of success seems to be quick and quick, and slowly entered a vortex of vanity and interest.

Zhang Jiayi as Su Wenyong
The management of his daughter “Su Zitong” is very strict, and he is justified, and his style is tough and upright. He has made a good summary of our new generation of leaders’ awareness of fighting corruption and promoting honesty.

Mu Tingting as Hao Yi Duo
Take her wedding hiring money to invest, but she is caught in a commercial scam. Liu Xinghe tried to save one, and one was thinking about “salvage gold” and neglected the Xinghe, who loved himself for a long time. After many hardships, the two each harvested their own love.

Zheng Yihan as Shen Xinyi
She was born in poverty and tried to get ahead. She fell into the confusion of good and evil, but she also sacrificed herself for true love.

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