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The City of Chaos

Young Actress who was born November 29, 1995, Jiang Zhuo Jun will play in the Chinese Drama The City of Chaos (悍 城) as a supporting actor. Previously, she also played in the drama New Smiling Proud Wanderer (2018).

Jiang Zhuo Jun will compete acting with the main drama actors and actresses such as Li Guang Jie, Mickey Yuan, and Clara.

The City of Chaos (悍 城): To take care of increasingly rampant international drug trafficking organizations, a joint team was formed. Suspicions and betrayals surround both sides, and key players include a gangster with multiple identities and a prisoner of war.

Synopsis of The City of Chaos

This drama tells the story of a drug trafficking organization. To take care of an increasingly rampant international drug trade organization, a joint team was formed.
The City of Chaos Chinese Drama
The City of Chaos (悍 城) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

From there began to occur suspicion and betrayal between the two parties. The key player in this case occurred between gangsters and prisoners of war.


Detail of The City of Chaos

Title: 悍 城
English title: The City of Chaos
Genre: Drama, Action, Crime
Channel TV: iQiyi
Issuance period: 18-October-2018 to 04-November-2018
Director: Liu Shu Qiao
Screenwriter: Yang Hong Wei, Liu Cheng Long
Genres: Action, Thriller, Crime
Country: China
Number of Episodes: 25 Episodes
Show Period: October 18, 2018


Trailer of The City of Chaos


Cast of The City of Chaos

Li Guang Jie as Luo Jia
Mickey Yuan as Bai Zhen He
Clara as Zheng Meng Qi
Gao Zhi Ting as Xiao Wu
Zhao Yang as Huo Si Le
Jiang Zhuo Jun as Hai Lan
Liang Yi Mu as Cheng Jun Sen
Justin Sheng as Ceng Shi Huan
Gao Dong Ping as Li Han Cai
Roy Liu as Zheng Tai Cheng