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少年江湖物语 2019

The Birth of the Drama King (少年江湖物语)” is produced by Aiqiyi, Surely Sky, and conveyed entertainment and joint production, thick sea culture, Li Zhi as producer, Li Yanqian directed and screenwriter, Zhou Yanchen, Luo Mingxi lead, Su Xiaoying, Song Jiyang, Xie Xingyang, Liu Jianyu , Dai Zuxiong, Wang Qian and other starring online dramas. The serie was broadcast on iQiyi on July 10, 2019.


Synopsis of The Birth of the Drama King

It tells the story of a warmth in the rivers and lakes, where the evil is not pressing, the youth is just right, and there is love and love. There are demon cults in the drama, the world’s first swordsman, the doctors and rivers of the world, the loyal and sly scorpion, the more popular singer of Qinhuai, and many seemingly uninterested characters have appeared on the scene, messing up A pool of spring water. 

The Birth of the Drama King
The Birth of the Drama King (少年江湖物语): Chinese Drama

According to reports, the play aims to present an alternative river and lake to the audience in an easy and stress-free atmosphere. In order to meet the tonality of the drama, the lineup of the actor chose the new idols with the same value and talent, vitality and courage, and used the youth elements to collide with the evil spirits and rivers, rubbing out the new martial arts sparks.


Detail of The Birth of the Drama King

Chinese Title: 少年江湖物语 (Juvenile Rivers and Lakes Story)
Year Production: 2018
Production company: Iqiyi, really the sky
First broadcast: July 10, 2019
Director: Li Yanqian
Screenplay: Li Yanqian
Starring: Zhou Yanchen, Luo Mingxi, Su Xiaotong, Song Jiyang, Xie Xingyang, Liu Jianyu
Number of Episode: 24
Online Platform: IQIYI


Trailer of The Birth of the Drama King


Cast of The Birth of the Drama King

Zhou Yanchen as Jiao Zhu
The leader, lonely and determined, has been trained to kill a sword! In fact, it is the orphan who came back from the old teacher. On the surface, he has never been treated as a child. He has never received a trace of love. He wrapped his indifference with the softness he longed for, and forged his affluent mirage with lies.

Luo Ming Wei as Da Xia
The swordsman, the first in the rivers and lakes, the Haoran ally all pull the big stone group pets. The rivers and lakes adopted by the old lords abandoned the baby, and they were born with a long and reflexive arc. However, they believed that the Haoran League was their own home, and they must guard their families in any case.

Su Xiaoying as Shi Nu
Song Jiyang as a doctor
Xie Xingyang as a attendant
Liu Jianyu as a Xiao Xiaoshi
Wang Qian as Hua Kui
Su Jianwei as 3rd brothers
Cheng Cheng as 2nd brothers
Zhang Xinyu as 4th brothers
Fan Yuze
Dai Zuxiong

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