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The Big Boss (2017)

Like the genre of teenage drama school? Of course, not only are there many Korean Drama enthusiasts, the Chinese hits drama series is titled “The Big Boss (班长 大人)” and just aired starting on September 8, 2017 earlier last month. The series is aired by YoYo Television Series Exclusive.

The Chinese drama “The Big Boss (班长 大人)” is known by another title “Fantastic Baby” and has the local title “班长 大人 (Ban Zhang Da Ren)“. The 36-episode drama series, directed by Shen Wen Shuai and this Chinese Drama, will cover the story of teenage romance at school.

Players from the Chinese series “The Big Boss (班长 大人)” are young and beautiful actresses Li Kai Xin who collided acting with young actor Huang Jun Jie. Then there was also Zhang Jia, and there was also a beautiful actress, Lu Yan Qi, who was one of the Jade Lover players who was starred by Lee Jong Suk and was reportedly canceled. Currently Lee Jong Suk is playing in the popular drama series “While You Were Sleeping“. Okay, now you can read the full synopsis of The Big Boss.


Synopsis of The Big Boss

Ye Muxi (Li Kai Xin) is an intelligent and energetic girl who is finally 1st year old in high school. She was very excited for the new school year because now she would finally be separated from her annoying childhood friend, He was named Liao Dan Yi (Huang Jun Jie) was a handsome and intelligent man.
the big boss 2017
The Big Boss (班长 大人) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
Destiny finally brought them together, actually they were in the same class. It’s all a mess when She plans a plan to win the title of class leader from an imperfect childhood friend or enemy.

Crowd happened when she tried to fall in everything about school life with a group of classmates who were very diverse along with Liao Dan Yi. Will love finally creep into the heart of a relationship similar to cats and dogs?


Details of The Big Boss

Chinese Title: 班长 大人 (Squad Leader)
English Title: The Big Boss
Other Title: Fantastic Baby
Year Production: 2017
Production company: Tencent Video, Beijing Yulong Tengjia Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Filming locations: Xiamen, Hengdian
First broadcast: 2017
Director: Shen Wenshuai
Screenplay: Xiao Wei, Dingding
Starring: Li Kaixin, Huang Junjie, Dai Jingyao, Lu Yiqi, Deng Xin, Fu Xiao
Number of Episode: 18
Length of each episode: 36 minutes
Genre of: Youth, Romance, Campus
Producer: Li Eryun
Online Platform: Tencent video


Trailer of The big Boss


Cast of The Big Boss

Ye Muqi as Li Kaixin
“Brainhole Force girl” Ye Muqi, she is second, she loves herself, she is nervous, she is also cute, stubborn, not convinced! She cares and protects everyone around her in a special way, something to find a sister, It’s not just about talking.

Liao Danyi as Huang Junjie
The study committee of the Maple Leaf High School and the High School. As a high school student, Liao Danyi has a different mature inside than his peers. In life, I have strict requirements for myself, and I have had a goal of struggle early, but I have seen a leaf that is completely different from my own values. I have been growing all the way. The tanzanite has a unique and delicate heart. world.

Xue Xiaodong as Dai Jingyao
The star student of Maple Leaf Middle School, who stood on the stage from an early age, seems to be difficult to get along with, but in fact it is considerate and warm, and he is very concerned about the heroine. In addition, there are arrogant attributes, which are really full of cuteness.

Zhu Shanqi as Lu Yiqi
Zhu Shanqi is a material and wealthy woman in the family. It is a little girl who loves to eat spicy strips and commits idiots every day. She often does not go to school at home, chasing stars to watch the drama. Because the idols she liked were assigned to the same class as herself, she began to actively go to school and tried to create a chance to chat and meet.

Zhang Jia as Wu Heng
Lu Yan Qi as Zhu Shan Qi
Deng Xin

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