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那年夏天有风吹过 2019

That Summer A Breeze Blew Past (那年夏天有风吹过)” is directed by the first time, Cai Wei, Zhu Yu, Liu Yutong, Meng Zikai, Leng Xinqing, Wang Wei, Liu Liyou, Zhan Zizhen, Qian Yiyi and other youth campus love network drama.

That Summer A Breeze Blew Past (那年夏天有风吹过) tells the story of a group of young men and women from the student era to the social decade. The series was broadcast on Mango TV on July 11, 2019.


Synopsis of That Summer A Breeze Blew Past

The story begins in 2005 when he was admitted to Bai Yihan, a key high school. The girl in adolescence was attracted by Lin Xuexing. With the help of girlfriend Zhou Yuyu, Bai Yihan hoped that the living room would be recognized by Lin Xingze through a series of things. One culvert did not receive Lin Xingze’s appreciation and recognition, but it has already attracted his attention. 

That Summer A Breeze Blew Past
That Summer A Breeze Blew Past Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

At the same time, Yang Natural and Bai Yihan, who have transferred from abroad, have met each other. Chen Siyu, a classmate, was also attracted by Zhou Xiaoyu in the long years of youth. In the case, Bai Yihan and Lin Xingze Yang natural entanglement, the addition of Chen Siyu and Zhou Xiaoyu also made the relationship between the three people blurred, when the youthful time passed away, the adulthood, the fate went to a different ending.


Detail of That Summer A Breeze Blew Past

Chinese Title: 那年夏天有风吹过 (There Was a Wind Blowing in That Summer).
Production company: Haha Film, Drama Film, Pride Media, Zhonghe Pinshang, Whale Image Film, First Broadcast: July 11, 2019
Director: Chu De Jian
Starring: Zhu Yu, Cai Wei, Leng Xinqing, Liu Yutong
Episode: Set of 27
Online Platform: Mango TV

Trailer of That Summer A Breeze Blew Past


Cast of That Summer A Breeze Blew Past

Cai Yao as Lin Xigze
Zhu Yu as Bai Yihan
Liu Yutong as Yang Tian Ran
Meng Zidi as Chen Siyu
Leng Xinqing
Wang Qianhui
Liu Li You You
Zhan Zitong
Qian Qianyi