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Tale of Nok-Du (녹두전)

Good news, beautiful actress Kim So-Hyun will star in KBS2 2019’s latest Korean drama “Tale of Nok-Du (녹두전)“. This Korean Drama was adapted based on a webcomic entitled “Nokdujeon” by Hye Jin Yang and was first published on December 16, 2014 to July 31, 2018 via naver web.

In the Korean drama Tale of Nok-Du (녹두전), Kim So-Hyun plays the character of an apprentice young woman to become a gisaeng. One day he met a man named Nok-Du, who hid in the village as a woman. Then the man adopted him to save him from a dangerous situation.

KBS2’s 2019 K-Drama Tale of Nok-Du (녹두전) series was produced by Director Kim Dong-Whee and one of the authors is Im Ye-Jin who was a Korean drama writer Love in the Moonlight. If there is no change to the new drama series, it will air first from September 2019 in South Korea. Well, now you can see the full Synopsis of Nok-Du Tale.


Synopsis of Tale of Nok-Du

The series tells about Jeon Nok-Du who is a son of a noble family. Because from a respectable family, even until his marriage was arranged and could not choose hisself. He was unhappy because his family wanted him to marry a young girl. To avoid marriage, Nok-du finally decided to run away and escape from home.
Tale of Nok-Du Cast
Tale of Nok-Du (녹두전) Synopsis And Cast: Korean Drama

He disguised hisself as a woman and went to the village of women who were inhabited by women and were known as widow villages. There, Nok-Du met Dong Dong Ju, played by Kim So Hyun who is still a beginner gisaeng. Actually she didn’t want to be a gisaeng, but she had no choice.

Coincidentally Dong Dong Ju learns that Jeon Nok Du is a man and he hears the reason why he hid in the village. Jeon Nok-Du saved Dong Dong-Ju from a dangerous situation. Finally she became the adopted daughter of Jeon Nok-Du and he decided to stay in the widow village for 1 year.


Detail of Tale of Nok-Du

Title: Tale of Nok-Du
Other Title: Nokdujeon / 녹두전
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 32 (to be confirm)
Director: Kim Dong-Whee
Scriptwriter: Hye Jin Yang, Im Ye-Jin and Baek So-Yeon
Channel Station: KBS2
Displayed on: September 2019,
every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00


Cast of Tale of Nok-Du

Kim So-Hyun as Dong Dong-Ju