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Sword Dynasty (2018)

Sword Dynasty (剑王朝)” is based on the novel of the same name, I Qiyi, Beijing New Force Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing St. Ki Film Co., Ltd. jointly produced the ancient martial arts network drama, by Feng Xiaogang, Ma Huagan as director, Rao Jun as screenwriter, Li Yixuan, Yao Di, Liu Yujun, Zhao Yuanxuan, He Rundong and other as a players.

This Chinese Drama Sword Dynasty (剑王朝), set against the end of the Warring States, tells the story of an era in which sword-talking, with several practitioners fighting for the highest power and killing each other. The series was released on April 1, 2018.


Synopsis of Sword Dynasty

The heroes are fighting for hegemony, chaos in the chaos, and the Lushan League, once in seven years, allows Wu to return to the peak, and the three countries are in danger. Ding Ning, a young boy who is suffering from ills, is trying to overthrow the incomparable Wu State. The big reversal, the victory of Lushan, and the day-to-day Xuan, this series is unusual, making Ding Ning the most popular existence of the rivers and lakes, and also let Yuanwu Emperor and Empress Zheng embroider feel a chill.
Sword Dynasty Synopsis n Cast
Sword Dynasty (剑王朝) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
With the gradual improvement of Ding Ning’s cultivation and layout, the confrontation with Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu was immediately triggered, and the scars of the 16-year-old dust cover were unveiled again. A deadly battle broke out, and life and death became so insignificant at this moment. Ding Ning made a wish and left regret, but this is his choice.


Detail of Sword Dynasty

Chinese Title: 剑王朝 (Sword Dynasty)
Production Company: Ai Qiyi, Beijing New Force Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing St. Basic Film Co., Ltd.
Filming locations: Hengdian
Director: Ma Huagan, Su Fei, Jiang Daohai, Wu Huaxin
Screenplay: Rao Jun, Chen Jingyi, Gong Yizhou
Starring: Li Xian, Li Yitong, Liu Yijun, Yao Di, Zhao Yuanqi, He Rundong, Zong Fengyan.
Number of Episode: 34 episodes
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Genre of: Ancient, tactics
Producer: Lu Guoqiang
Online Platform: IQIYI
Supervisor: Feng Xiaogang


Trailer of Sword Dynasty


Cast of Sword Dynasty

Li Xian as Ding Ning
Brief introduction of the city of Changling in the Qin Dynasty. The city boy of Changling, the capital of Qin Dynasty, thinks about it every day, but it is to subvert the Daqin dynasty and kill the Emperor Qin of the Eighth State where the practice has never been seen before. Small places can be meticulous, and large places can look at the whole picture. The sun is hard to return to the body, the five internal organs are too strong, if there is no way to continue life, live for a long time. In order to obtain the sacred god of the Songshan ancestors, he entered the Aries Cave and practiced it.

Li Yitong as Qian Xue
The longevity of the grandfather of Sungu. The long-term Sun Xuexue is the eldest daughter of the old aristocratic grandfather, the grandest prince of the Qin Dynasty. Gong Sun was destroyed by the Qin Emperor in the reform. Leng Yan type light mature woman, do not like to talk, recognize the dead. The nine kings of the Nether King, dressed in the most common plain color linen, even if the expression is angry, cold expression, still pour the country.

Yao Di as Zheng Xiu
The Queen of the Great Qin Dynasty, born in Jiaodong County, has a cold personality and has no choice.

Liu Yujun as Emperor Yuanwu
Daqin Dynasty Emperor

He Rundong as Wang Jingmeng
Zong Fengyan as Baili Su Xue
Liu Wei as Zhao Si
Yao Qingren as Li Xiang
Xiao Xu as Xie Changsheng
Zhang Weina as Baishan Shui
Liu Kai as Zhang Wei
Liu Hailan as Xierou
Sun Shaolong as Su Qing