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Splendid Politics/ Hwajung

The Korean drama “Hwajung” is a drama that revolves around power struggles in the Joseon Dynasty. This drama which is also known as “Splendid Politics”.

Korean Drama Splendid Politics/ Hwajung is a series of historical, dramatic, romantic genre met to audiences in 2015. Kim Sang-Ho was the director of the series, while screenwriter Kim Yi-Young.

Splendid Politics/ Hwajung series will be published in the form of the 50 episode in the form of 1 hour. The producer of the series is last Ki-Won, Lee Chang-Sub. The series was published in South Korea between 13 April 2015 – 29 September 2015.


Synopsis of Hwajung / Splendid Politics

Prince Gwanghae is a concubine who seizes the Joseon throne from the direct line of King Seonjo’s father. Gwanghae kills a legitimate child, and throws away his half-brother Princess Jeong Myeong from the palace. Jeong Myeong now lives as a commoner disguised as a man while planning his revenge on Gwanghae.

hwajung splendid politic
Splendid Politics/ Hwajung Synopsis And Cast: Korean Drama


Detail of Hwajung / Splendid Politics

Title: Hwajung/ Splendid Politics/ The Princess of Light
Genre: Drama, Romantic, Politics, History
Episode Number:  50 Episodes (70 minutes per episode)
Show Period: 13 April 2015 – 29 September 2015
Show Schedule: MBC, Monday and Tuesday 22.00 KST
Main Actor: Cha Seung-won, Lee Yeon-hee, Kim Jae-won, Seo Kang-joon, Han Joo-wan

Trailer of Hwajung / Splendid Politics


Cast of Hwajung / Splendid Politics

Cha Seung Won as Prince Gwanghae
Lee Yun Hee as Princess Jungmyung
Kim Jae Won as King Injo
Seo Kang Joon as Hong Joo Won
Han Joo Wan as Kang In Woo
Jo Sung Ha as Kang Joo Sun (Kang In Woo’s father)
Lee Tae Hwan as Gwanghae
Jung Chan Bi as Jungmyung
Seo Jung Eun as Jungmyung (kid)
Yoon Chan Young as Joo Won
Choi Kwon Ju as Joo Won (kid)
Ahn Do Gyu as In Woo
Lee Tae Woo as In Woo (kid)

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