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Soshite, Ikiru (2019)

“Soshite, Ikiru” tells Ikuta Toko who had been raised by her uncle in the city of Morioka. She is active as a local idol in hopes of becoming an actress someday. When he was 19 years old, he really wanted to go to Tokyo for a big audition. However, the day before the audition, Japan was shocked by the Great Tohoku Earthquake and the tsunami.

This drama is known by another title “And, Live” airing starting on August 4, 2019 replacing JDrama Hand of God, every Sunday at 22:00 on the WOWOW television channel with a duration of 6 episodes. The famous actress Kasumi Arimura became the main actor of the female character in this film. She will play Ikuta Toko, a person who wants to have a dream of becoming a big actress in the capital.

The handsome actor Kentaro Sakaguchi became the acting opponent of Kasumi Arimura. Kentaro plays Ryo in the series Dr. Storks. In addition, this latest drama also stars Korean actress Kang Ji-Young, a former Kpop Kara member.

Directed by Sho Tsukikawa who has worked on the popular Japanese film My Little Monster and The 100th Love with You. Come see Plot Story and Synopsis Soshite, Ikiru below.


Synopsis of Soshite, Ikiru

Toko Ikuta (Kasumi Arimura) lost her parents to a car accident at the age of 3 years. After that, his uncle, who ran a barber shop in Morioka, raised him and he had a happy childhood.
Soshite, Ikiru (And, Live)
Soshite, Ikiru (And, Live) Synopsis And Cast: Japanese Drama

Toko Ikuta is active as a local idol and she dreams of becoming an actress. At the age of 19, he will audition in Tokyo. The day before the audition, on March 11, 2011, the great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. In the fall of 2011, Toko Ikuta worked in a cafe.

He goes with his Korean coworker Han Yoo-Ri (Kang Ji-Young) to do voluntary work in Kesennuma when the area is recovering from the devastating tsunami.

There, Toko Ikuta meets Kiyotaka Shimizu (Kentaro Sakaguchi) who is a student from Tokyo and a member of a student volunteer group. While spending time together at Kesennuma, Toko Ikuta and Kiyotaka Shimizu develop feelings for each other.


Details of Soshite, Ikiru

Title: Soshite, Ikiru
Other Title: And, Live
Local Title: そ し て 、 生 き る
Genres: Romance, Life, Drama
Number of Episodes: 6
Director: Sho Tsukikawa
Scriptwriter: Yoshikazu Okada
Channel Station: WOWOW
Country: Japan
Showtimes: August 4 2019 – September 8 2019, every Sunday at 22:00 JST


Trailer of Soshite, Ikiru


Cast of Soshite, Ikiru

Kasumi Arimura as Toko Ikuta
Kentaro Sakaguchi as Kiyotaka Shimizu
Kang Ji-Young as Han Yoo-Ri
Masato Hagiwara as Masayuki Sakamoto
Ken Mitsuishi as Kazutaka Ikuta
Kaho Minami as Mieko Shimizu
Yozaburo Ito as Hiroshi Shimizu
Amane Okayama as Shinji Kubo
Eriko Moriwaki as Chikage Shimizu