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Somewhere Only We Know

Somewhere Only We Know (独家 记忆) is a Chinese Drama series that starts with a secret crush story that turns into a romance between a physicist and a third-year student after they start the meeting with a misunderstanding. This Chinese Drama is also known by the title “Exclusive Memory”.

Somewhere Only We Know (独家 记忆) adapted based on the novel of the same title. The drama airs from January 14, 2019, every Monday to Wednesday at 20:00 on iQiyi television local time and ends on January 28, 2019 with 24 episodes. Besides that, you can also watch Somewhere Only We Know English Subtitle on Netflix Channel.

The latest Mandarin series “Somewhere Only We Know (独家 记忆)” was directed by Liu Chang and filming began from May 10, 2018 to September 7, 2018 in places such as Wuhan, Beijing, Malaysia and Russia. Starring famous singer and actor Juck Zhang.

For those who become acting opponents is the actress Li Ting Ting. For other players there are Fang Wen Qiang, Sun Jia Ling and new star Li Jiu Xiao. They are believed to appear as the main supporting characters. Alright, let’s read to the plot story and synopsis of Somewhere Only We Know (独家 记忆) below.


Synopsis Somewhere Only We Know

Mu Chenghe (Zhang Chao) earned a PhD in physics at Donghu College. When he was suddenly assigned to do a college-level examination, he mistakenly accused third-grade student Xue Tong (Li Tingting) of having an affair. Although it initially made them nervous, their interaction developed into a student’s love and mutual attraction.
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During his college years, Xue Tong met with three roommates there was the beautiful Zhao Xiaotang (Sun Jialing), cheerful Bai Lin (Zhang Zhang) and gentle Song Qiqi (Deng Xin).

The four girls with different personalities become lifelong friends. Over the years, there are people who are lost forever and things that can no longer be changed and today become exclusive memories.


Detail of Somewhere Only We Know

Title: Somewhere Only We Know
Other Title: Exclusive Memory
Local Title: 独家 记忆 / Du Jia Ji Yi / 獨家 記憶
Genres: Friendship, Romance, School, Youth
Episodes: 24
Director: Liu Chang
Scriptwriter: Wang Zhi Yong
Channel Station: iQiyi, Netflix
Country: China
Showtimes: 14 January 2019 – 28 January 2019, every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 20:00 CST


Trailer of Somewhere Only We Know


Cast of Somewhere Only We Know

Juck Zhang as Mu Cheng He
Li Ting Ting as Xue Tong
Deng Yu Li as Song Qi Qi
Fang Wen Qiang as Xiao Zheng
Sun Jia Ling as Zhao Xiao Tang
Li Jiu Xiao as Mu Hai
Chinnell Wen as Bai Lin
Li Huan as Li Jia Hang
Chen Bo Hao as Liu Qi
Ye Zi Cheng as Ye Fei
Lu Zhong as Xue Tong’s father
Guo Hong as Xue Tong’s mother
Liu Qi Heng as Shi Xiao Xiao
Yang Alana as Chen Yan
Gong Rui as Zhong Qian
Chang Fang Yuan as Ma Han
Zhang Xiao Qian as Yan Feng
Liu Pi Zhong as He Ping
Mu Li Yan as Zhao Xiao Tang’s mother
Zhou Cassie as Wu Tong
Gao Wen Feng as Xu Jie
Zhang Ju Ming as Sharen Nan Hai

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