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Second Life Korean Drama

Second Life (선희 와 슬기) is the latest Korean movie that tells about a middle school girl who starts a small lie to get sympathy from her friends. After the truth is revealed, instead her friends are reluctant to be friends with her again. Her actions did not end there, the school girl replied to her friend by trapping her as a thief.

However, the woman who was trapped was actually committed suicide and guilt haunted her. The school girl left to escape with a new name. The film’s primary screening was in Busan IFF in October 2018 and was released on March 27 2019. Little Big Pictures’s latest 2019 Korean film was produced by rookie director Park Young-Ju.

Newcomer actress Jung Da-Eun was the main character in the film. She previously played in the 2018 Korean film “Student A”. Not only her, other newcomer actress such as Park Soo-Yeon also starred in this film. One more, veteran actress Jeon Guk-Hyang also starred in this film. In the same year, he became jTBC 2019 Korean drama player “The Wind Blows”. Alright, now you can immediately read the full synopsis of Second Life.


Synopsis of Second Life

Sun-Hee, played by Jung Da-Eun, is a person who really needs attention at school. Therefore, she lied to impress her friends. However, the truth was finally revealed and finally Sun Hee’s friends left her. She traps her former friend Jung-Mi, played by Park Soo-Yeon.
Second Life (선희 와 슬기)
Second Life (선희 와 슬기) Synopsis And Cast: Korean Movie

With a sense of revenge, this action ended up destroying everything and she decided to run away and start the second life under another name Seul-Ki.


Details of Second Life

Title: Second Life
Other Title: Seonhuiwa Seulgi / 선희 와 슬기
Genre: Drama, School
Director: Park Young-Ju
Scriptwriter: Park Young-Ju
Country: South Korea
Displayed on: March 27, 2019
Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes


Trailer of Second Life


Cast of Second Life

Jung Da-Eun as Sun-Hee/ Seul-Ki
Park Soo-Yeon as Jung-Mi
Jeon Guk-Hyang

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