By | 12 June 2019


The director of Şampiyon (The Champion) series, named Ketche, was directed by Hakan Kırvavaç. We expect the shots to begin in August. In this case Şampiyon (The Champion) series will take its place between the Trt 1 series in the new season September of 2019 – 2020.

The Turkish Series of Şampiyon (The Champion) will be produced by Basak Bingüller and Çağrı Binguller, while the screenplay of Alphan Dikmen and Basak Angigün. The series soundtrack of the Champion series will be a song called Canbay & Wolker – surely one day.

Trt 1 2019 2020 for the new season began preparations for the series. Produced by BSK Yapim, Şampiyon (The Champion) series on Trt 1 ‘s Thursday evenings at the end of the summer season to say farewell to the screens is expected to be broadcast instead of the single Heart series. Trt was the best season of the last periods with the series he had aired in the 1 2018 2019 season. For this reason, 2019 – 2020 in the new season with quality projects planned to be published in the TRT management Şampiyon (The Champion) in the film starring the world-famous player Tolgahan Sayışman will become a star.

Şampiyon Turkish Drama

A very spoken name in the world after the marriage of the beautiful universe chosen Almeda Abazi and Tolgahan Sayışman, unfortunately, the latest 2015 construction in Turkey was successful in the series Asla Vazgecmem (I’ll Never Give Up), and then in Siyah Inci (The Black Pearl) and Bir Umut Yeter (One Hope is Enough) series Despite playing the lead role, the sequences did not hold and resulted in failure. Tolgahan Sayışman probably no longer wants to shoot the series with the fear of the early final, Trt 1 may have preferred.

Şampiyon (Champion) series is expected to be set in August or in September 2019.


Synopsis of Şampiyon (The Champion)

In the champion series of Tolgahan Sayışman play as Firat was a young boxer with a promising future, his life was destroyed by the unfortunate incident. When Firat left his career and said goodbye to the rings, his son will be back in the ring for Gunes and say another round.


Cast of Şampiyon (The Champion)

Tolgahan Sayışman as Firat Bölükbasi
Tolgahan Sayışman, who was born in Istanbul on December 17, 1981, is 38 years old. The full name of the handsome actor Tolgahan Sayışman, also known as actor and model, is Turgut Tolgahan Sayışman. Tolgahan Sayışman, a graduate of Doğuş University business faculty, was selected and attracted attention in the international male beauty Pageant of the year 2005. Tolgahan Sayışman, who received acting education from Ayla Algan, took part in the Maçolar series as the lead role in 2006 and began his artistic life. The player who captures his fame with the Poplar Yelleri and the tulip age sequences has lived the brightest period in the series of never giving up. In a series of Bir Umut Yeter Yilmaz Karabey and Siyah Inci in the series with the character of Kenan took place as the lead role.

Firat is a world famous former champion and a successful boxer, nicknamed the Firat Oglu Emir. The son of Firat will have to go to the ring one more time for Emir.

Emir Özyakışır as Emir Bölükbaşı
Emir Özbebebeand Finally, Gülperi has given life to the character of Can and became a recognized child actor. Since 2014, he has been working as a subsidiary of the Zerin cultural agency. He appeared in many commercials. Finally, this city has taken part in the next series from behind.

Emir is Oglu’s beloved son. Emir, who loved his father, has always supported him.

Ümit Erdim
The information in the series, which captures his fame with the character of Arif and the other end of the series of Selena and Doksanlar, very well-known Umit was born June 15, 1985 in Kocaeli and is 34 years of age. The first acting education of the Izmit City Theatre and a child inclined to the theatre, Ümit was one of the names that changed his life when he met with the gospel. Finally, he participated in the project of Kan Kardesler. Especially after giving the excess weight of the criticism of the many followers of the weak version of Ümit was not liked.


Trailer of Şampiyon (The Champion)

The Champion series introductory trailer has presented to the audience on the evening of June 8th.