By | 7 May 2019

Running Investigator 2019

OCN Channel will again air the latest Korean Drama entitled “Running Investigator (달리는 조사관)“. Of course, remember, several times the OCN cable TV channel always gives drama, action genre, murder and the like like the drama “Bad Guys”, “Squad 38” and “Voice”.

The latest 2019 drama aired in OCN tells the story of an adventure between a prosecutor assigned to the Human Rights protection commission. Investigate and defend people whose rights have been violated. This latest drama brings in the beautiful actress Lee Yo-Won as the main player. He will play a female hero who will work with a prosecutor

In the upcoming May 2019, famous actress Lee Yo-Won has also been the main actor in the Korean drama “Different Dreams”. Meanwhile, for this Korean OCN drama, Lee Yo-won will be holding a veteran actor Choi Gwi Hwa as his acting opponent. Previously, he became a supporting player in the K-drama series “Suits”.

Korean Drama Running Investigator (달리는 조사관) air from the second half of 2019 on OCN channels. With the director, Kim Yong-Soo, who has worked on the popular drama “Masked Prosecutor”. Rookie writer Baek Jung-Chul is working on this drama script. Well, you can just read the synopsis of Running Investigator completely.


Synopsis of Running Investigator

This drama will center on the lives of people whose human rights are violated from the point of view of an inspector of the Human Rights Commission, who has no right to investigate or prosecute. They will handle the most serious cases in terms of severity and controversy, such as abuse of power in public organizations and institutions.

Running Investigator cast
Running Investigator (달리는 조사관): Korean Drama

Yoon-seo, played by Lee Yo Won, is someone who hates crossing the line, both in her social and personal life. She is a female hero who will investigate based on difficult facts, follow the principles of neutrality and have a cool head.

Kang Ho-Joon played by Choi Gwi-Hwa is a prosecutor sent to the general investigation department of the human rights promotion committee. Ho-joon is very smart and always concentrates well. Yoon-Seo and Kang Ho-Joon will work together and become partners.


Detail of Running Investigator

Title: Running Investigator
Other Title: 달리는 조사관 / Dallineun Josagwan
Genre: Drama, Crime
Episodes: 16 (to be confirm)
Director: Kim Yong-Soo
Scriptwriter: Baek Jung-Chul
Channel Station: OCN
Displayed on: Second Half of 2019


Cast of Running Investigator

Lee Yo Won as Han Yoon Seo
Choi Gwi Hwa as Kang Ho Joon