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归还世界给你 2019

“Retourner Le Monde a Toi (归还世界给你)” is an urban suspense idol drama directed by Jiang Jiajun, starring Yang Shuo, Gu Li Naza, Xu Zhengxi and Zhao Yingzi.

Retourner Le Monde a Toi (归还世界给你) drama tells the story of a pair of lovers meeting in the mall after life and death, a series of misunderstandings and conspiracy to make them fall in love, and finally harvest the story of happiness under the power of true love.

Retourner Le Monde a Toi (归还世界给你) actress Shen Yien calmly and rationally, strategizing, the male protagonist Lu Zhun is tall and handsome, handsome and humorous. From the perspective of people, Naza and Yang Shuo are highly compatible with their roles in both image and temperament.


Synopsis of Retourner Le Monde a Toi

Shen Yien (Gu Li Naza) and her boyfriend Ye Qilei joined hands to start a business. The university just started its career and got on the right track. However, the mall is sinister, the people are sinister, and the opponents are competing for interests, which leads to Ye Qilei’s “accidental death”. Shen Yien, who lost her lover, did not lose her mind. On the one hand, she set off her own business and made the company a famous fashion brand. 
Retourner Le Monde a Toi
Retourner Le Monde a Toi Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
On the one hand, she pursued the whereabouts of Ye Qilei. Ye Qilei did not die. He was rescued. He had to change his face because of his serious injuries. He resumed his recuperation in a foreign country. He returned to China and became the fashion president “Lu Zhun (Yang Shuo)“. He was determined to find out the truth of his accident. Lu Zhun and Shen Yien once again fell in love in a dangerous atmosphere where both enemies and friends also met. 
Shen Yien had the pursuit of Qin Mei, and her friends did not fall in love with the handsome and handsome Lu Zhun, the friendship and love of four young people. Subtle imbalance. In the face of complex emotional problems and the bumps of the cause, Shen Yien and Lu Zhun finally found each other’s initial intentions in the difficulties, hand in hand, true love does not die.


Detail of Retourner Le Monde a Toi

Chinese Title: 归还世界给你 (Returning the World to You)
Year Production: 2017
Production company: Diamond Film Co., Ltd.
Filming locations: Shanghai, Suzhou, France
Director: Jiang Jiajun
Screenplay: Gu Feifei, Jia Wei, Lu Zhirou, Sun Jun, Sun Zhe, Zhang Boqian
Starring: Yang Shuo, Gu Li Nazha, Xu Zhengxi
Number of Episode: 40
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Genre of: City, idol, suspense
Producer: Shen Dongjun, Wang Qizhen
Online Platform: Tencent video


Trailer of Retourner Le Monde a Toi

Cast of Retourner Le Monde a Toi

Yang Shuo as Lu Jun
Lu Zun is CEO of Fashion company, like Shen Yien

Gu Li Naza as Shen Yien
Shen Yien is a Fashion company female president, like Lu Zhun

Xu Zhengxi as Qin Ye
Qin Ye is Fashion designer, Shen Yi En Qingmei Zhuma pursuer

Zhao Yingzi as Shen Yi Enmei
Shen Yi Enmei, the editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine, is very popular, vigorous and domineering, always energetic and enthusiastic to face work and friends.

Wang Dong as Mo Xu
Mo Xu is a Fashion designer, cool and handsome, high IQ, high emotional intelligence, high value.

Ma Chunrui as Yin Wei
Yin Mei is a Rich family with foreign background

Zhao Wei as Hu Wenqi
Hu Wenqi is Shen Yien Assistant, like Qin Ye

Yu Bin as Chen Boqian
Huang Hongxuan as Bi Dong
Yang Shuhan as Bi Yue
Meng Ziye as Meng Fanyu

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