By | 21 June 2019

RAMO 2019

Actors-Actresses and roles of RAMO Turkish Series. All the cast and characters of the Ramo series. The real name and age of the players. Who’s playing in the series? Cast team list, leading role, side role, female, male, child, guest, departed, old and participating new season players, illustrated descriptions.

The channels are making deals with new series for the new season. Each channel wants to increase the potential of the audience by entering the new season like a bomb. That’s why they do series research during the summer season. Sometimes when the series starting from the summer season gets a good rating, they don’t want to lose their ready audience potential by moving to the new season. Here’s a new set of channels even when researching for new sequences Show TV.  Preparations for the series called RAMO have begun.

Who are RAMO series players?
The screenplay of RAMO, which was agreed by Show TV, was written, but the cast has just begun. That’s why the Ramo series doesn’t have a specific player. However, as we will understand the name of RAMO, the lead role is a male player named Ramazan. Of course, we need the character of Ramadan, the woman he loves. Who will be the leading female and male actors?

RAMO Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

In addition to a series of topics, what will increase the monitoring of the series is the leading actors. Therefore, he is very meticulous in the selection of players in The Ramo series. Yet RAMO series has not been clear to the players continues negotiations. We will update this position as information about The Ramo series comes in.

Plot Story of RAMO Series
As the series of RAMO preparations continue, the first curiosity is the subject of the series. What is the subject of The Ramo series? The issue of the Ramo series has not yet been announced. Social media will also be shared when players start to become clearer. For now, our estimate will be shaped around the character of the Ramo, the lead actress of the series of Ramadan? What will the Ramo character be like? The bully, the beloved good-hearted man of the neighborhood? We have recently come up with information about the Ramo series. The information about the Ramo series will also be added.

Director, producer, screenwriter of RAMO series 
The Ramo series has only been named for now. Who is the director of the Ramo series producer? The Ramo series had a handshake with the channel. The Ramo series is signed by BKM Yapim. The BKM sequences are enjoyed by the audience and are generally made from comedy-style television channels. The Ramo series is also expected to be in a comedy style. The director of the series is not yet clear as the Ramo producer BKM Yapim. The name of The Ramo series was Yilmaz Şahin.

Yilmaz Şahin has written the script of many projects and has always signed the series. Yılmaz Şahin was born in 1978, and all the series he has written until this time has been among the legends. Yilmaz Şahin until this time, Poplar Yelleri, Storm, rain time, the secret of the Stones, Eagles high flies, magnificent century and magnificent century of Kosem wrote the series.

When will RAMO series start on which channel?

Agreements have been made for The Ramo series. The BKM-signed Ramo series will be aired on the Show TV screens in the new season. Yilmaz Sahin writes the script of the series, which is just the name. We do not expect the series to reach the summer season, since no player is certain. RAMO series Show TV screens will probably be aired in September.

Where is RAMO series being taken?

The presentation trailer will be aired on the Ramo series Show TV screens. Yet the cast continues to work. After the players have been identified, the series will be set and the shots will begin. Where is the set of the Ramo series filming? The Ramo series hasn’t begun filming yet. When the series starts filming we will share your set address information.