By | 26 March 2019

Queen’s Children 2019

Queen’s Children (왕비 의 자식 들) is the latest family melodrama that will be aired starting April 29, 2019, every Monday to Friday at the KBS1 channel at 20.30 local time. The drama family tells the story of the sisters Wang Geum Hee and Wang Geum Joo.

Director Sung Joon-Hae is working on this Korean Drama “Queen’s Children (왕비 의 자식 들)” series. He also had previously succeeded in becoming a popular Korean drama director Hi! School – Love On.

The main character in the drama Queen’s Children (왕비 의 자식 들) was played by beautiful actress Lee Young Eun and Na Hye Mi. If Lee Young Eun had previously been a major player in the popular drama The Shining Eun-Soo (2016), which also aired on KBS1. Whereas Na Hye Mi has appeared in the drama series My Only One, which aired in 2018.

If there are no changes, the latest Korean Drama series in April 2019 will have a duration of 120 episodes. All right, just read the Synopsis Queen’s Children completely.


Synopsis of Queen’s Children

A cheerful family drama about a family that you can’t hate. About the Wang family, the oldest daughter of the family named Wang Geum Hee, played by Lee Young Eun and for the Wang’s second daughter Wang Geum Joo, played by Na Hye Mi.
Queen's Children korean Drama
Queen’s Children (왕비 의 자식 들) Synopsis And Cast: Koren Drama

It will center on life and stories around their families.


Details of Queen’s Children

Title: Queen’s Children
Other Title: 왕비 의 자식 들 / wangbieui jasikdeul
Genres: Melodrama, Family
Episodes: 120 (one hundred and twenty)
Director: Seong Joon-Hae
Scriptwriter: Seong Joon-Hae
Channel Station: KBS1
Displayed on: April 29, 2019, every Monday – Friday at 20.30


Cast of Queen’s Children

Lee Young Eun as Wang Geum Hee
Na Hye Mi as Wang Geum Joo