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Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Put Your Head on My Shoulder (致 我们 暖暖 的 小 时光) on April 2019’s newest romantic Chinese drama series that tells the story of a romantic love story that happened between Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi. Adapted from the novel with the same title by Zhao Gan Gan. The Mandarin drama airs starting April 10, 2019 on the QQLive channel with a duration of 24 episodes.

Beautiful actress Fair Xing who became the main actress in the latest Chinese Drama “Put Your Head on My Shoulder (致 我们 暖暖 的 小 时光)” series She has starred in the popular drama Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (2017). Yesterday, 2018 also performed beautifully in the Chinese drama The Faded Light Years. Fair Xing’s acting opponent is actor Lin Yi, while for other player Put Your Head on My Shoulder there are Zhou Junwei and Yi Sha who act as the main supporting cast.

Aside from QQ Live, this latest drama was also aired on Tencent TV which was worked on by PD Director Zhu Dong Ning. Filming filming began on August 9, 2018 in Ningbo, Zhejiang and was completed on October 21, 2018. Alright, you can just read the synopsis of Put Your Head on My Shoulder.


Synopsis of Put Your Head on My Shoulder

When graduation is getting closer, Si Tu Mo, played by Fair Xing, is confused about her future plans. She tries all kinds of things all the time and can’t make her own decisions. A genius man and physicist named Gu Wei Yi, played by Lin Yi, appeared in her life.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder
Put Your Head on My Shoulder Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Her usual days, then changed and both of them accidentally lived together and the chaos between them began.


Details  of Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Title: Put Your Head on My Shoulder
Other Title: Zhi wo men nuan nuan de xiao shi guang / 致 我们 暖暖 的 小 时光
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 24 (twenty four)
Director: Zhu Dong Ning
Scriptwriter: Zhao Gan Gan
Channel Station: QQLive
Country: China
Displayed on: April 10, 2019


Cast of Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Fair Xing as Si Tu Mo
Lin Yi as Gu Wei Yi
Tang Xiaotian as Fu Pei
Zheng Yingchen as Wang Shan
Zhou Junwei as Lin Zhi
Yi Sha as Xu Yuer
Zhou Zi Xin as Xie Yuqi
Zhang Yu Lun as Zhou Lei
Jie Bing as Professor Jiang
Fei Gao Yu as Monroe
Zhu Kang as Ake
Chen Jingjing as Hu Niu
Li Mengfan as Lu Jianshi
Chang Hao as Lina

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