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Pushing Hands 2019

Pushing Hands (推 手) is the latest romantic Chinese drama from Tv Yoyo which was broadcast starting March 26 2019. Can watch on Youtube YoYo Television Series Exclusive channel. The title is taken from Chinese 推 手 or “tui shou”, which is the Chinese Taichi principle in the business world.  

Pushing Hands (推 手) tells the story of a rich and spoiled man, he is the type of person who likes to play with women’s hearts. He met a cold-hearted woman. They both share similar interests and motorbike racing fans and both of them are involved in the company’s business. Actor Jerry Jia / Jia Nai Liang became a hands pushing player and played the male lead character. He has starred in the drama Mandarin Season Love (2017). For the acting opponent of Jia Jerry is Angel Wang / Wang Ou, who starred in the Chinese drama The Legend of Jade Sword.

This Chinese Drama “Pushing Hands (推 手)” is very popular and once aired on NET Tv. Other actors include Wang Jin Song, Bian Wei and Simon Li. This chinese drama has 47 airing episodes produced by director Wen Jie while the screenplay script was written by Zhang Xiao Feng. Okay, now you can read the Synopsis of Pushing Hands.


Synopsis of Pushing Hands

Liu Qing Yang (Jia Nailiang) is a rich and spoiled man. He likes to change women and play games with him. Then there is Chen Yi Fan (Wang Ou) who is a cold woman, She is the vice president of a real estate company. Apart from these differences, they are both motorcycle racing fans. They found their lives opposite each other after Liu Qing Yang saved Chen Yi Fan during the race.
Pushing Hands (推 手) Synopsis, Trailer, And Cast: Chinese Drama

Yi Fan noticed that she was similar to his ex-girlfriend, Mei Heng, who had died. Qing Yang and his mother experienced disaster and had debt. Yi Fan helped him by offering a job at his company. One day a competitor from the company wanted to suppress and destroy it.

But Liu Qing Yang tried to save the company by seeking guidance that was none other than the founder of the company named Mei Dao Yuan (Wang Jin Song). He is a genius businessman and former professor Chen Yi Fan.

Mei Dao Yuan taught Qing Yang how to apply Chinese Taichi principles known as “pushing hands (tui shou)” in the business world.


Details of Pushing Hands

Title: Pushing Hands
Other Title: tui shou / 推 手
Genre: Romance, Musical
Episodes: 47 (forty seven)
Director: Wen Jie
Scriptwriter: Zhang Xiao Feng
Station Channel: YoYo TV
Country: China
Displayed on: March 26, 2019

Trailer of Pushing Hands


Cast of Pushing Hands

Jia Nai Liang as Liu Qing Yang
Wang Ou as Chen Yi Fan
Liu Huan as Liu Nian
Bian Xiao Xiao as Chun Yu
Wang Jin Song as May Dao Yuan
Li Tian Zhu as Chen Qiu Feng
Liu Hua