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Princess Silver 2019

Chinese Drama “Princess Silver (白发 王妃)“, starring famous actor Aarif Rahman. Still remember the 2017 Jackie Chan movie, “Kung Fu Yoga”? Aarif performed beautifully in the action film and his name became more well known by many people. The Arab-Malaysian-Hongkong actor appeared on 2019’s new Chinese Drama Bai Fa Wang Fei (Princess Silver) as a prince of Wu You.

Beautiful actress Sophie Zhang is the drama player “Princess Silver (白发王妃)” and acting opponent of Aarif Rahman. He previously starred in the Chinese drama “When We Were Young“. There are also many other famous Chinese artists who enliven the latest 2019 Mandarin drama, there are Maggie Chen, Jing Chao and Leo Luo.

The Chinese drama is also known by another title “The White-haired Princess Consort”. Director Li Hui Zhu who worked on the drama princess silver series. Previously director Li Hui Zhu successfully worked on the colossal Mandarin drama “Untouchable Lovers” in 2018.

Produced by Youhug Media in 2018, the drama series Princess Silver (白发王妃) will air from May 15, 2019 on Youku and iQiyi channels every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 08 PM local time.


Synopsis of Princess Silver

Tells about a princess who is experiencing amnesia. She met a prince who didn’t want to marry her.

Crown Princess Rong Le (Sophie Zhang) of Qi-West woke up from a coma without memory but she became suspicious of her true identity because of traces from the past.

Princess Silver (白发王妃)
Princess Silver (白发王妃) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

To form a political alliance with Lin-North, Rong Le was ordered to marry Prince Wu You (Aarif Rahman) who refused him at the door. With a failed marriage, Rong Le used the identity of the tea house owner and a new name as Man Yao.

She quietly began searching for valuable books left by the Qin Family which were said to bring greatness to a nation. On the way to find a valuable book, she again met Prince Wu You.

Wu You fell in love with her without knowing that she was the daughter he had refused. But it was too late for him to know the truth because he got a new order to marry General Fu Chou (Jing Chao) of Lin-North.


Detail of Princess Silver

Title: Princess Silver
Other titles: 白发 / Bai Fa /
Formerly 白发 王妃 / Bai Fa Wang Fei
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 58 (fifty eight)
Director: Li Hui Zhu
Scriptwriter: Cheng Tingyu
Channel Station: Youku, iQiyi
Country: China
Production House: Youhug Media
Aired on: May 15, 2019, every Wednesday – Saturday at 08 PM


Trailer of Princess Silver


Cast of Princess Silver

Sophie Zhang as Rong Le / Man Yao
Aarif Rahman as Wu You
Jing Chao as Fu Chou
Leo Luo as Rong Qi
Maggie Chen as Hen Xiang
Shu Ashin as Wu Yu
Wang Yu as Ling Yue
Gao Guang Ze as Xiang Ying
Mao Fan as Zong Zheng Xuan
Xu Ke as Ning Qian Yi
Mi Mi as Xiao Ke
Gao Shuang as Xiao Sha
Zhang Bin

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