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处 特工 皇妃;特工 皇妃 楚 喬 傳

The Chinese drama “Princess Agents (处 特工 皇妃;特工 皇妃 楚 喬 傳)” began airing on the exact day of June 5, 2017 on Hunan TV television channel with a duration of 68 airing episodes, the series also known as the local title “Te Gong Huang Fei Chu Qiao Zhuan”.

The Chinese series “Princess Agents (处 特工 皇妃;特工 皇妃 楚 喬 傳)” was adapted from a famous novel named 11 处 特工 皇妃 or 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei. The storyline of this drama will tell a slave girl who was done by West Wi, but finally that girl managed to free her country from the slavery system.

For Chinese drama “Princess Agents (处 特工 皇妃;特工 皇妃 楚 喬 傳)” is a beautiful and popular actress Zhao Zanilia once played in the popular series “The Legend of Zu“. There is also the actress Li Qin then there is a handsome actor Lin Geng Xin with Dou Shawn who will be the main actor. Okay now, please read the full synopsis of Princess Agents.


Synopsis of Princess Agents

During the Betting Period, Western Wei enslaved a large number of civilians. a slave girl named Chu Qiao, played by Zhao Li Ying, was thrown into the forest along with other slaves and became the next target of hunting for wealthy rulers.

She was saved by Northern Wei Prince, Yan Xun, played by Dou Xiao. After that, she was taken to Yuwen’s great family and watched their hard fight. Seeing this, she vowed to bring her younger sister and escape from this situation.

However, she caught the attention of Yuwen Yue, who was played by Lin Geng Xin and underwent rigorous training while building a sense of friendship with Yan Xun. Unfortunately, West Wei entered the battle and the Yan Xun family was slaughtered.

Princess Agents Chinese Drama
Princess Agents Synopsis, Trailer And Cast: Chinese Drama

After that incident, Yan Xun grew ambitious and cruel to take revenge for the things and people he lost. He doubted Chu Qiao and took advantage of loyalty and love many times, ignoring their relationships and also the sacrifices he had to make to gain power.

Disappointed with the man she had loved, Chu Qiao finally severed her relationship with Yan Xun and chose to fight Yuwen Yue, destroying Yan Xun’s retaliation plan. He finally convinced Yuwen Yue to free the country from slavery, becoming a successful military strategist / general in the hearts of the people.


Trailer of Princess Agents


Details of Princess Agents

Title: Princess Agents
Other Titles: Gong Gong Huang Fei / 1 处 特工 皇妃;特工 皇妃 楚 喬 傳
Genres: Romance, Historycal, Politic
Episodes: 68 (sixty eight)
Director: Wu Jin Yuan, Chen Guo Hua and Li Cai
Scriptwriter: he is Wen and Yang Tao with Chen Lan
Station Channel: Hunan TV
Country: China
Displayed on: June 5, 2017, every Monday to Thursday at 22:00


Cast of Princess Agents

Zhao Li Ying as Chu Qiao
Lin Geng Xin as Yuwen Yue
Dou Xiao as Yan Xun
Li Qin as Yuan Chun
Deng Lun as Xiao Ce
Jin Shi Jie as Yuwen Xi
Sun Ning as His Majesty, Shu
Jin Han as Zhao Xifeng
Xin Shao Lin as Yue Qi
Niu Jun Feng as Yuan Song
Huang Meng Ying as Xiao Yu
Tian Xiao Jie as Yuan Zhengde
Cao Xi Yue as Jin Zhu
Zhu Sheng Wei as Xiao Ba
Ruan Hui Jing as He Xiao
Wang Yan Lin as Yuwen Huai
Li Ruo Jia as Zhong Yu
Miao Miao as Xiao Qi
Li Ying as Bai Sheng

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