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Patron (The Boss)

Where is Patron (The Boss) Series shot, which country is filming in the city?

In this topic, we will write to you where Patron (The Boss) Series is filmed and in which countries and cities the filming is made. We will present details about one of the newest series of this season, Patron (The Boss) Series, and where the series is being shot. Where Patron (The Boss) Series is filmed, the provincial villages and places we will write here for you.

Patron (The Boss) Series Where You Know Where the shows are being shot is very curious, even the audience wants to go to the set to see the actors to satisfy their curiosity. In this regard, as we have answered the question where Patron (The Boss) Series is being shot, the name of 3 countries is mentioned for the time being in the ongoing shooting of Patron (The Boss) Series in different countries and cities. Let’s go into the details of the Series Boss, which will be shot in Turkey, America and Mexico.

Patron (The Boss) Series is filmed in Turkey, America and Mexico
Show TV’s Patron (The Boss) series, as well as the lead roles in the scenes of the show seems to be bringing a sound. Together with Burak Deniz, the first filming of the series, starring Dilan Cicek Deniz, continued abroad. Besides Istanbul, there will be filming in countries such as America and Mexico, and this series will be of great interest. The series will be shot in Turkey, America and Mexico triangle, where Patron (The Boss) series will be shot in the series Mature Lightning will also appear in a surprise role in front of the audience.

Patron Filming Location
Patron (The Boss) Filming Location: Turkish Drama
Now let’s get briefly into the details. Patron (The Boss) series will be shot in Turkey based in Istanbul. Beykoz, where the old kundura factory is located on the Beyoglu-based set in Istanbul, will be the locations where the original series was filmed. The locations of the specially built and decorated Patron (The Boss) series will be very curious.
The players who will make their way to America to solve connections other than Patron (The Boss) series Istanbul scenes. The short-filming of the Series Patron in the United States will then hit Mexico to resolve the events. These shots between Turkey, America and Mexico will cause the series to be watched with great curiosity. In short, this season series Show will be one of the most striking series to be screened on TV. Burak Deniz and Dilan Cicek will be talked about more with deniz’s great acting and will try to show him. 
Burak Deniz and Dilan Cicek Deniz, who attracted attention with their successful acting, were in the most watched series last season. Dilan Cicek Deniz starred in the tv series Çukur on Mondays and played the role of Sena, who starred as Yamac for two seasons. Burak Deniz also starred with Hazal Kaya in Bizim Hikaye (Our Story), which aired on Fox before the patron series, and brought the character of Baris. The actors who cross paths with Patron (The Boss) series are expected to make a big break with the series, where the shooting locations are very curious.

The Trailer of Patron (The Boss)
When the trailer of Patron (The Boss) series comes out, i’ll tell you in more detail where the series was filmed, which county or village is in the Boss series, the lake or the seashore, where the cities are curious, The places they go, the coast, in short, all the places where the Boss series passes, we will write to you with details and pictures.

When Patron (The Boss) will it start?
We tried to answer your questions. As new scenes from the new episodes of the series arrive, we will continue to write to you in detail where it was shot. You can ask us about the places you’re curious about.

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