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The Emergence of First Love

The another Chinese drama that aired April 2019 is “Out of the Line! First Love”. Of course besides Korean dramas, Chinese or Mandarin drama series are the right choice for you to watch. Interesting and not boring stories make many people like to watch Asian dramas including Chinese Drama.

Chinese Drama Out of the Line! First Love is also known by another title, “The Emergence of First Love”. The series starts April 30, 2019, every Tuesday to Saturday at 8:00 local time on the Mango TV channel. The director, Shen Wenshuai and filming took place on June 10, 2018 to September 2018 and most of the shooting took place in Tianjin.

The actor Chen Run becomes a player of Out of the line! first love. He was previously a player in the popular drama series “Dear Prince” 2017. His acting opponents were beautiful actress Zheng He Hui Zi who played the drama “Bedtime Hero” series in 2018. According to one Chinese news, actor Chen Run always practice soccer every day so that he deepens his role.

Meanwhile for the supporting cast was Yang Leo, then actors Li Jiu Lin and Bai Fan who both starred in the popular drama series “Youth” 2018 became one of the supporting figures. Okay, you can just read the synopsis of Out of the Line! First Love.


Synopsis of Out of the Line! First Love

The Chinese drama “The Emergence of First Love” tells the story of the first love story of a young and creative girl who accidentally met a man who lost her dream.
Out of the Line! First Love
Out of the Line! First Love Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Hua Xi Xi, played by Zheng He Hui Zi is a girl who likes manhua comics (Mandarin comics) and has a unique imagination. She also loves drawing. Whereas Huo Ziang played by Chen Run is a very talented soccer player. But he suffered an injury and failed in his dream.

The two met and initially hated each other, but through the process of pursuing shared dreams, they began to develop feelings for each other. In addition, Huo Ziang and Hua Xi Xi also corrected a misunderstanding between Huo Ziang and his friend Sun Ziu Jie (Yang Leo). The three of them are trapped in a unique triangle love story and also friendship.


Details of Out of the Line! First Love

Title: Out of the Line! First Love
Other Title: The Emergence of First Love / 出线 了 , 初恋 / 出线 了 初恋
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 30 (thirty)
Director: Shen Wen Shuai
Scriptwriter: Ye Yang, Mei Ying Ju, Ding Rui and Lu Tian Fei
Station Channel: Mango TV
Country: China
Aired on: April 30, 2019, every Tuesday – Saturday at 8:00 p.m.


Trailer of Out of Line! First Love


Cast of Out of Line! First Love

Chen Run as Huo Zi Ang
Zheng He Hui Zi as Hua Xi Xi
Which Leo as Sun Xiu Jie
Li Jiu Lin as Hua Ming Xuan
Rong Zi Xi as Du Sha Sha
Bai Fan as Lu Hai
Fu Tian Jiao as Lei Yin
Chen Yien as Guan Jian
Xiong Xiao Wen as Xiao Yan
Zhang Shen as Huo Zhi Yuan
Yang Chuan Bei as Geng Zhe
Zhang Yi Yang as A Li
Wang Ya Qi as Xiao Lu

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