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One Sword Sweep All (2017)

One Sword Sweep All (一剑横空) is directed by Du Xiubin, Fan Shaohuang, Li Qian, Ding Yongzhen, Xu Shaoqiang, Jia Xiaochen, Wei Chunguang, Huang Shichao and other anti-war dramas.

This Chinese Drama One Sword Sweep All (一剑横空) tells the story of the three brothers and sisters of the “Shengjia Class” of the Beijing Opera Troupe, which is famous in North China. On the road of revenge, it has turned back thousands of times and finally integrated into the story of the flood of resistance.

One Sword Sweep All (一剑横空) was first broadcasted on the Jiangsu Variety Channel on February 2, 2017, broadcast on Hubei Satellite TV and Chongqing Satellite TV on May 2, 2019.


Synopsis of One Sword Sweep All

At the end of the 1930s, a sword is crossed. The “Shengjia Class” of the Beijing Opera Troupe, which is famous in North China, and Liang Yougui, have formed Liangzi. In the conflict, the father and the teacher of the first-name Wusheng Shengzhonghao died. Before his father’s death, he forced Sheng Zhonghao to swear and swear no revenge. He sighed with his brother Wen Lixuan and his sister Yan Yuhuan to flee to Tianjin. 
One Sword Sweep All
One Sword Sweep All (一剑横空) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
On the way, several people were dismissed by the squadron. In order to cover the same door, Sheng Zhonghao was arrested and fell into the Japanese labor camp. In the process, Sheng Zhonghao killed the traitor and retired the teacher, and therefore missed the opportunity to reunite with the sister Shi Yuhuan. A pair of fellow lovers who love each other from this day. After many years, the three brothers and sisters met in the battlefield and mixed feelings. Sheng Zhonghao finally integrated into the revolutionary torrent. 
The Longjiaji Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Force was officially reorganized into the Eighth Route Army Independent Battalion. Sheng Zhonghao was the battalion commander. Wen Lixuan served as the instructor. The two brothers once again fought side by side. In the end, they all married Wu Tengxiong.


Detail of One Sword Sweep All

Chinese Title: 一剑横空 (A sword)
Year Production: 2016
Filming Locations: Hengdian
Production: Jiangsu Straw Bear Film Co., Ltd.
First Broadcast: February 2, 2017
Genre of: Anti-war
Director: Du Xiubin
Production Company: Jiangsu Straw Bear Film Co., Ltd.
Starring: Fan Shaohuang, Li Qian, Ding Yongzhen, Xu Shaoqiang.
Number of Episode: 45
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Producer: Liu Xiaofeng


Trailer of One Sword Sweep All


Cast of One Sword Sweep All

Louis Fan as Sheng Zhonghao
The head of the “Shengjia Class” was born, the father and the teacher were killed and died. Sheng Zhonghao fled to Tianjin with his younger brother Wen Lixuan and his sister Yan Yuhuan. On the way to cover the door of Sheng Zhonghao was arrested, fell into the Japanese labor camp, in the process Sheng Zhonghao killed the traitor to revenge for the uncle. Many years later, Sheng Zhonghao led the Longjiaji Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Force to join the Eighth Route Army and the younger brother Wen Lixuan to fight against Japan.

Li Qian as Long Mei
Longjia set the big gold of the Longxicheng family. I was used to being a child, but I learned a good martial arts. Personality is quite overbearing, often a woman dressed as a men’s clothing for people to fight, is a heroic woman. In the increasingly severe situation of the war, she resolutely embarked on the road of resistance. Together with Sheng Zhonghao’s common belief in resisting Japan and saving the country.

Ding Yongdai as Long Xicheng
The mayor of Longjiaji, the father of Longmei. For the people who are loyal to the liver, there is a heroic spirit. After witnessing the fragmentation of the mountain river, he resolutely ruined his family and organized hundreds of self-defense forces to prevent the sun. In the war, he always adhered to the national justice and led the Longjia Army to fight side by side with the Kuomintang and the Communist Party.

Xu Shaoqiang as Wuteng Xiong Yi
Japanese army Dazu. It is a Japanese kendo master. Although the war machine filled with the spirit of Bushido is in the brain, it is familiar with Chinese culture. It is the most terrible opponent on Sheng Zhonghao’s life path. Eventually it was wiped out by Sheng Zhonghao, ending the life of sin.

JJ Jia as Zhen Yuhuan
The family of Shengjia Class is Hua Dan, the sister of Sheng Zhonghao, and the lover of Sheng Zhonghao. On the way to Tianjin, he was dismissed by the squadron. After several twists and turns, he joined the Eighth Route Army together with Wen Lixuan. Gradually grew into the propaganda backbone of the party organization.

Wei Chunguang as Jiang Youcai
The head of the bandits was evicted from the house because of non-being, and then stood on its own. The cockroaches are cruel and sinister, and the “Bing is not deceived” is its motto. Because of the Liangzizi with the “Shengjia Class” of the Beijing Opera Troupe, Sheng Zhonghao’s father and master both died in the hands of Jiang Youcai, and the two men have been entangled for many years. After the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Jiang Youcai became a confidant of the Japanese army. Destiny plays a man, and after many years he has to return home with “multiple identities.”

Wang Bin as Da Daomao
Huang Shichao as Wen Lixuan
Li Jian
Dong Ermin
Yang Heyun as Qiu Chunlei
Sun Andong
Li Tianya as Ren Laifeng
Li Yusu as Fan Furen
Gu Chaoping
Zhou Hang
Lin Yandong

Ma Ximi

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